About Overtired Mama


I'm Katie, aka Overtired Mama. 

My friend Tigger and I.

I'm a wife and mommy of one from the East Coast of Canada.  I work full-time, and maintain a part-time job as a fitness instructor.  I am also working on my MBA.  These may or may not be some of the reasons I am so tired, but it's worth it.

I may be "overtired", but I always find the energy to travel, find travel deals, and share my best tips and tricks for successful vacations, on a budget.

I love to promote the idea that budget travel doesn't mean "sub-par" travel.  You can have a great vacation AND save money.

I'm always open to feedback, comments or suggestions!  Feel free to get in touch anytime via email at katie.overtiredmama@gmail.com.

For businesses/orgainziations: I am open to writting sponsored content, but it has to be the right fit. I write primarily about travel, with a particular focus on budget travel.  Contact me if you would like to see if we are a good fit to work together:  katie.overtiredmama@gmail.com.

Looking for a guest blogger for your website/blog?  I'm always open to new opportunities, please contact me with your request:  katie.overtiredmama@gmail.com.


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