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7 Tips for Summer Travel on a Budget

Winter is over (although, I know for some, it feels like it's still here).  We are now approaching summer.  We're on the "downward slide" for kids to finish school for the year, and for people to prepare for summer vacations from work. Planning a vacation is sometimes a dreaded task for some, but if you are a bargain hunter, like me, vacation planning can be fun. Seriously.  If you have some flexibility in terms of where you are going, and when, the planning can be even more fun!  It's like starting with a blank canvas, waiting for the first swipe of a paintbrush.   These are a few basic tips to keep in mind to help find some deals for your upcoming summer travel: 1 - Be as Flexible as Possible  - the more leeway you have in terms of your travel destination and/or dates, the more you can potentially take advantage of last minute promotions.  In terms of a hotel, some hotels may offer last minute discounts to fill their hotels. 2 - Monitor Pri

Travel Destination: Ottawa - Part 2

Welcome back! In my previous Ottawa Post I discussed air travel and accommodations.  Did you miss part 1?  Check it out  here (link also available at the bottom of the post).   In this post, I will discuss a little about what you can see and do in Ottawa. The activities I experienced were during two separate trips, one in Winter and one in Spring.  Keep in mind that Ottawa has a number of festivals that happen during different times of year, and surrounding communities have a lot going as well, so searching what may be going on before you go is a good idea! I will start with one of the winter activities I experienced, hockey!  From September to approximately March/April (depending on the playoff situation) you can attend Ottawa Senators hockey games.  The September games would be "pre-season" games, which are often offered at reduced prices.  As for regular season, the tickets are pretty reasonably priced - for the game I went to, the prices ranged from $25 to $200.  I