Budget Travel Doesn't Have to Mean Sub-Par Travel

After sharing a link to a link to one of my "Budget Travel" posts on social media, I had someone send me a message asking me why I would ever want to give up "quality travel" for the sake of price.  This message prompted me to clarify something - when I say "Budget Travel", I am not suggesting that you book accommodations or travel arrangements that risk your health or safety.

Tonight I likened my "travel bargain hunting" to hunting for deals at a secondhand clothing store.  Have you ever had that feeling - at a secondhand clothing store, and you find a brand name outfit, and it costs you less than $20?  It feels great, right?  You can still snag a great brand name dress or shirt, while paying only a fraction of the price. That is the same feeling I get when I search and find a great deal on travel!  And that is the feeling I am trying to share with all of you.

With the tips I share in my posts, my hope is that the tips can help people research and find great travel arrangements at the fraction of the price!

Stay tuned for new tips coming on my page!  Have questions about travel?  Post them in the comments section, or connect with me on social media and I will try to help!


  1. If you want to make Norway Winter Tours or any other trips under the budget then follow the most important guide.

    Tips for Traveling in Norway

    1) Do not change your money in local banks, they will charge you a lot to do it!
    2) The card that is accepted everywhere is Visa. With Visa, you can pay anywhere. MasterCard is also accepted in most places.


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