Yurting It Up In Dartmouth

My daughter and I decided to do something a little out of the ordinary for a holiday this summer.  I've been working and doing a lot of school work lately, so some mother/daughter time was needed.  We are fortunate that Dartmouth and Halifax, Nova Scotia, are within driving distance, so we took off on a mini-vacay!

I like to camp, but I don't like all of the "lugging" involved in camping (tents, tarps, etc), so we decided to try something a little different.  I found Shubie Campground (visit their website here: http://shubiecampground.com/).  Shubie Campground has campsites available for those interested in tenting or bringing a trailer, but what we found that intrigued us was the yurt available on site - so as my daughter put it, we decided to "yurt it up".  It should be noted that there is only one yurt available, so be sure you book early if you are interested!

Shubie Campground is connected to Shubie Park, which has a fabulous trail system, more on that later.

First - arriving at the campground was a little tricky - not that we got lost, my GPS kept us on track, but, you have to go in through a residential area to reach the campground, so we did wonder if we were lost.  So if you see lots of houses, don't worry, you're still on track!

The campground signage is large and colourful so it is easy to spot once you reach your destination.

A note if you are planning to arrive later, the campground office closes at 9 PM, at which time a security guard is stationed at the entrance.  It's possible to get in and out to your campsite, but you have to be able to answer questions with security.  You should also contact the campground to ensure it is possible to check in after hours.

There is a parking area by the office.  You are welcome to leave your vehicle there, but if you would like to drive your vehicle in and out of the campground itself, you need to pay a $20 deposit for a key card that opens and closes the main gate.

Check-in was simple, as you pay a deposit when you book your site, so there was no fumbling with cards when you arrive, you can get to your site ASAP!  Our Yurt had a key, and we just had to head right to our site.

The yurt is very much equivalent to a tent in that you can't expect a hotel room style, or trailer style accommodation.  What do I mean by that?  It means you have to be prepared for the outside temperatures, there are no heaters inside the yurt.  There is also the possibility of some bugs inside the yurt.  However, you don't have to worry about getting wet if it rains!

There are two futons in the yurt for sleeping.  There is no bedding, so bring what you will need.  We each had a sleeping bag and pillows, so we were good to go.  There is a lantern provided in the yurt.  The batteries in the lantern were dead, unfortunately, when we arrived, but we just popped out to a store to pick up some new "D" batteries to replace them.  The lantern was very bright and perfect to light up the yurt at night.

There is a coffee table in the yurt as well to put some of your items on.

There was also an extension cord that was run from the power hook-up in to the yurt, which was perfect for charging phones!

There was a water hookup nearby too, which was so convenient to be able to get some water to heat up to wash dishes!  If you prefer a sink to wash dishes in, there are facilities up by the washrooms in the laundry area for washing dishes.   And yes, I did say laundry!  There are washers and dryers to be able to clean your clothes at your convenience.  They are coin operated, if you run out of coins, the office can help you out!

My daughter wanted to be sure I mentioned that there is a park on site.  There are swings, see-saw, climbing structure and tennis court.  She had a lot of fun there.

The yurt site also has space for one vehicle, as well as a picnic table and fire pit!

The office does have a small shop in it with some supplies if you happened to forget something.  There is also a library of DVDs if you have a DVD player with you.
Attached to the office is a small snack bar that serves hamburgers, fries and yummy ice cream if you don't feel like cooking!

As mentioned earlier, Shubie Campground is connected to Shubie Park.  So there is a trail system and beach.  The beach is small, but just a great size for the area.

The trails are very well groomed and have lots of informational panels and benches for sitting.  We saw so many chipmunks along the trail, they were adorable.  If you head right in to the park there is a spot to rent canoes and kayaks, and an area to see the canal system, and a spot to grab a snack and homemade lemonade.

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We highly recommend this campground, and try the Yurt for something a little different!

Have you ever tried camping in a facility different than a tent or trailer of your own?  Let me know in the comments section or connect with me on social media to chat about it.


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