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Yurting It Up In Dartmouth

My daughter and I decided to do something a little out of the ordinary for a holiday this summer.  I've been working and doing a lot of school work lately, so some mother/daughter time was needed.  We are fortunate that Dartmouth and Halifax, Nova Scotia, are within driving distance, so we took off on a mini-vacay! I like to camp, but I don't like all of the "lugging" involved in camping (tents, tarps, etc), so we decided to try something a little different.  I found Shubie Campground (visit their website here:  Shubie Campground has campsites available for those interested in tenting or bringing a trailer, but what we found that intrigued us was the yurt available on site - so as my daughter put it, we decided to "yurt it up".  It should be noted that there is only one yurt available, so be sure you book early if you are interested! Shubie Campground is connected to Shubie Park, which has a fabulous trail system, m