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7 Tips to Making Travel Easier

Travel is honestly one of my favourite topics of conversation.  I'm sure that's not shocking to anyone that knows me and/or has read this blog.  I've been asked before to share some of my tips and tricks for easy travel - here are some of my favourites.  Keep in mind that not all of these are ideal for every trip, so it depends on what kind of travel you're doing, but hopefully you find some good information. 1 - Store your passports somewhere that is easily accessible.... but not TOO easily accessible This seems like a confusing tip, but here's what I mean.  Have you ever been in that moment of boarding and you're frantically searching your carry-ons for where you put the passports?  I've been there.  Those are stressful moments.  You don't want to leave your passports too easily accessible, as they can easily be taken from your bags, but you need them close by, how do you handle that?    I use a carry-on bag that has an inside zipper pock

Life is Hard

The title of this post is hardly a revelation or "aha moment" as some call it.  In fact, many probably read the title of this post and thought "duh... no kidding... tell me something I don't know".  Touché. I decided to write this post after doing some reminising as I scrolled through some pictures on my social media.  Most of my pictures are of things like beautiful sunsets, fun family vacations, selfies on a good hair day or after a workout, or pictures of school books.  All pretty positive stuff.  Makes sense, right?  Who wants to post pictures of dishes in the sink, the laundry that has piled up, a desk/diningroom table/coffee table after a long night of working, or what you look like mid "ugly cry" when your favourite character dies in the show you are binge watching (sidenote - character deaths affect me way too much... I need guarantees that no one will be killed off the shows I watch).  I digress.... What am I saying here?  What is the