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Here's Why I love "Beauty and the Beast"

Ok, I know the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie was released months ago, so it may seem like I'm behind the ball on this one, but as I re-watched this movie, I was reminded of why I love this movie so much. If you've read through my blog, it's easy to see that I am a Disney fan, but that's not the only reason I love this movie.  I think that sometimes Disney princesses, and fairy-tale princesses in general, get a bad rap.  They're sometimes portrayed as "damsels in distress" and they get criticized for seeking a man's help (more specifically, a prince's help) to get out of whatever trouble their in.  This brings me some of the reasons I love this movie so much, and why I think Belle is one of my favourite princesses. Please note I am doing my best not to spoil the movie for those who have not seen it, but I can't guarantee that you will not see things that you didn't know about the movie. 1 - Belle is a polite and caring per