Product Review: Bare Blossom Skincare & Organics

I've mentioned before that I haven't traditionally been the biggest beauty product or makeup user.  But in recent years, my skin has changed and I need to take care of it better than I have been.  This is where Bare Blossom Skincare & Organics comes in.  They offer a range of skincare and other organic products that are locally made in my home province of New Brunswick!

I decided to give these products a try after seeing a few posts on Facebook about them, and that they offered a "sample pack", which offered some sample sizes of a lot of their products, so it was an opportunity to try a number of products without committing to full size.

The first product I tried was the "Goddess Face Mask".  The texture is very similar to "mud".  It can dry out a little if not used right away, but just adding a tiny bit of water and working it through gets it ready for application.

You don't need much, but just apply to your entire face.  It goes on pretty dark, but it dries to about the colour in the picture below.

When it was time to remove the mask, it came off pretty easy.  My skin felt soft and moisturized.  This is my "after" picture:

The Goddess Mask is one of my favourite products.  The full size will last a long time as it is not a "daily use" product.  At the time of publication, the full size of the Face Mask is $25.

Next, I tried the Body Scrub.  This product comes in a number of different scents including Vanilla Cupcake, Coconut Crumble and Coffee.  I picked the Coffee Scent.  I LOVE the scent.  So energizing!

The scrub is granular, similar to a sea salt texture.  It doesn't take a lot, but you can take some in the palm of your hand and rub it on your body.  You can tell by the texture right away that you're getting some great exfoliation!

This is a picture of the product inside the package:

My skin is always dry and it felt great after using this product!  Just a heads up that if you're using this product, I would use it in the shower, as some does fall to the ground.  It would be messy if you used it prior to getting in the shower.

Next is another one of my favourite products - bath bombs.  There is a great variety of these bath bombs.  Not only can you get different scents, but you can get some for you and/or some for your kids!  My daughter's personal favourite bath bombs are the Poke Bomb and the Bling Bomb.  The childrens bath bombs have fun surprises in the middle!  They also smell great and don't irritate your child's skin.

I treated myself to the Orange Creamsicle bath bomb.  I have also tried the Peppermint bath bomb.  They both smell great, but the scent is not overpowering.  

The Bath Bomb in its package.

Bath Bomb - ready for use.

The bath bomb dissolves well and left my skin feeling clean and soft.  At the time of publication, bath bombs were $5 each, or 4 for $20.

The next product I tried was one that was a little strange using for the first time.  The Bare Blossom Whitening Toothpaste uses activated charcoal to help whiten your teeth.   I wasn't sure if this would work for me given that I have sensitive teeth and soft enamel and have been unable to use whitening products in the past.

A word of advice, this is a little bit of a messy process (at least in my experience), so have some cleaning products near by to clean your sink.

You only need a little to brush on your teeth and it stays on for 1 to 2 minutes.  Here's a look at what it looks like with it on your teeth:

I had no pain or sensitivity with the paste on.

When it came time to take it off, it does take a little bit to get it all completely off your teeth.  It does leave a little mess in your sink, but I just took a cleaning wipe and wiped it all up.

I saw immediate results.  Not dramatic results, but results none the less:

I am looking forward to using this a few more times to help whiten my teeth further!

At the time of publication, the price of the paste is $12.  This will last you a while because it's not for daily use.  My understanding is that the price will be going up, so act fast to see if you can still get it at that price!

Finally, I also used the Grit & Bare It face scrub.  For that review, watch my video below:

This is just a small sample of some of the products I tried, there are many, many others.  Check out the Bare Blossom Skincare & Organics webpage to see more of the products offered and to order!

Bare Blossom Skincare & Organics ships within Canada and to the United States!

As a bonus, I am giving you an opportunity to win a sample pack of Bare Blossom products!  Unfortunately, this contest is only open to Canadian residents.  Enter through the form below.   The Sample pack contains sample sizes of many of the products offered by Bare Blossom as well as a full size lip balm.

Enter to win the sample pack.  Open to Canadian Residents.  Contest runs until September 15 at 11:59 PM Eastern.

If the entry form doesn't load, you can also visit: to enter.

As a bonus, check out the Bare Blossom Skincare & Organics Facebook page for an AMAZING giveaway that they are running until September 21!  You could win $1000 worth of products!  Wow!!


  1. These products sound so nice. I have been wanting to try a mask for some time. Thank you so much for sharing this

    1. They are a great little company and all of their products are natural, which is a big plus!

  2. I love their products, but I haven't tried everything yet. :) Their eye makeup remover is great, as is their scrub and my son loved the bath bomb! I also tried the toothpaste, which definitely did it's job... even though it was a bit messy! :)

    1. Totally agree on the toothpaste. Did the job, but be prepared for a little cleanup.
      I've been using the body scrub... I have the coffee scent. It's pretty energizing. I love it! I still have more products to try though. haha.

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