You've Got This!

Sometimes that's all I need, that little voice that says "you've got this"!  So for anyone else that needs that little bit of encouragement.  Consider this post yours.

We all have those moments in parenting where we wonder "Am I doing this right?  Am I screwing up my kid?  Am I giving them the best chance for the future?"  I will admit that some weeks I'm wondering that on a daily basis.

Let me ask you this, are you doing what you can for your child?   And by asking that, I'm not asking you if you are "supermom/superdad" because this is not about living up to perfection.  I mean, do you spend some time with your kids?  Do you tell/show your kids you love them?  Then yes, you've got this.

I think sometimes as parents we are really good at making ourselves feel guilty - guilty that they had hot dogs for supper instead of skinless boneless chicken breast with steamed vegetables and brown rice, guilty that we cut the nighttime story short, guilty that we may have raised our voice in a moment of frustration.  But, in the end, those are small moments in a lifetime of raising a child.

While I don't have any earth shattering, life changing tips for being an awesome parent, I do have a few tips for feeling good about how you're doing:

1 - Doing your best is the best you can do.  - I know, it sounds cheesy, but there is truth in those words.

2 - IF you decide to read parenting advice (news story, blog, or otherwise), check your sources.  Not everything on the internet is a fact.  And it's easy to be "sucked in".  So if someone is promising you the secret to a full night's sleep with young children in your house - take it with a grain of salt and don't be so hard on yourself if those tips don't work.

3 - As a follow up to the point above - if you are reading a news story, blog or other information source online - don't read the comments section.  Trust me.  They are full of judgement.  It's never a good idea.  Just.  Don't.

4 - Make memories.  This one involves a time commitment, and I know sometimes finding time can be a challenge, but doing fun things together is good for you and good for your child(ren).  Making memories doesn't have to be anything expensive or elaborate.  Going for a family walk, cooking together, exploring a park you've never been to before on the other side of town, those are all simple ideas for making memories together.

5 - Don't be so hard on yourself.   This is a bit like repeating point number 1, but, we are often our toughest critics.  Don't compare yourself to anyone.  While there's nothing wrong with working towards "self-improvement", your motivation shouldn't be that Mrs. So-and-So never seems stressed, her kids are always well behaved, and she appears to have a perfect marriage.  Focus on you and your family... you'll be a lot happier.

Do you have your own tips?  Please share in the comments below or join me on Social Media!



  1. As long as we are doing the best we can God will do the rest. Parenting is such a big responsibility and so rewarding. Thank you for this great article. God Bless

  2. Really good advice. It's so easy to feel you're not good enough as a parent!!!

    1. So true! We just have to remind ourselves that we're all doing our best. :) Thanks for reading!

  3. We are always so hard on ourselves. I feel like if we're actually worried about not doing enough, the we're probably doing a pretty good job!

    I am a big believer in making memories! Love that tip!

    1. Thank you! It was a hard lesson for me to learn. I still find myself thinking "I should be doing more! My house isn't clean enough. I should be cooking more." I'm getting better at stepping back and taking a breath. But it's not always easy.


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