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Travel Review: Grand Memories Varadero

My family and I had the fortunate opportunity of traveling to Varadero, Cuba in April 2016.  I won a trip courtesy of FamilyTravelCA and Sunwing Vacations.  Although we received our trip free, the opinions in this post are all mine, and some my family wanted to share as well. We flew with Sunwing direct from Fredericton, New Brunswick, to Varadero, Cuba.  The ability to take a direct flight from a local airport was so convenient.  No airport transfers to deal with, and no long distance to drive to board our flight. When we boarded our flight, my daughter received a Sunwing bag with some crayons, colouring page and an inflatable beach ball.  Each child on the flight received one.  My daughter was so excited to get hers, she put her stuffed animal right inside. Our Sunwing flight featured sparkling wine, a new movie (Creed was the selection on our trip down), a meal, and beverages.  A great way to start our vacation! Upon landing in Cuba, once we got through secu

How Does She Do It?

Yes, the age old question that we sometimes ask ourselves, or even ask out loud.  I've thought it, you've thought it, we've all thought it at some point: "How does she do it?" I know the term "mommy wars" gets a lot of press these days, and before you tune out because you've heard enough about mommy wars.... this post is not about that.  I think that as much as we talk about moms tearing each other down, sometimes, or even frequently, we can be our own worst critic. I thought about this the other day, a friend of mine said to me "I don't know how you do it, working full time, going to school, busy mom.....  I could never handle all of that".  It made me smile, because just says before, I was thinking the same about her: mom of 2, busy job, busy social life, I don't know how she does it. I think we all have moments when we think to ourselves "I don't know what I'm doing", or feel frustrated or overwhelmed.