L'Oréal Hydra Total-5 Ultra Even - Product Review

I was fortunate enough to have been selected to try L'Oréal's Hydra Total-5 Ultra Even products as part of Influenster.  I received the products free to try.  The opinions are all my own.

I'm going to start by saying, I came in to this with no skin care regimen.  I mean, none.  I very rarely wear makeup, but when I do, I typically take it off with soap and water (gasp).  The only products I really use on my face are sunscreen, and the odd moisturizer if I notice my skin is looking dry.   I'm what you call low maintenance.... probably too low, but I digress.

L'Oréal's Hydra Total-5 Ultra Even products offer a 3 step skin care regimen: 1 - cleanse; 2 - tone; 3 - care.   I received 4 products in my box: scrub/exfoliant, toner, ultra-even lotion and ultra-even moisturizer.

You can check out my "unboxing" here:

Here is my "before" picture.  No make-up, and right before I used the scrub, toner and moisturizer for the first time:

So I started the regimen right away.  Beginning with the scrub.  There are small little "beads" within the scrub, which you feel as you massage it over your face.  The smell of this scrub is very enjoyable, a citrus scent.  You can feel the scrub working as there is a tingle as you massage.

Once finished with the scrub I moved on the toner.  A little bit on a cotton ball, and dabbed around your face.  No real scent to this product, and didn't feel too much when I was putting it on, it was like dabbing water on my face.

Finally, the Ultra-Even moisturizer.  I took a little too much my first time around, you only need a little to cover your whole face, so don't go crazy.  Again, no real scent, nice cool and smooth. 

Almost immediately I could notice a difference in my face.  This picture was taken right after the first use:

I continued to use these products for 3 weeks.  I will admit that I was not always vigilant to use it twice a day, every day - sometimes it was once a day, and I did miss a day here and there.  But generally I did the routine in the morning when I woke up, and before bed at night.  I usually used the lotion in the morning, and moisturizer at night.

My skin looks and feels noticeably different.  In my opinion, my skin looks more radiant.  My skin was typically prone to dry patches - patches of skin that were dry and flaky, very noticeable when wearing any kind of foundation.  With these products that has been reduced drastically.

I went back to my original photo location so you could see the difference in my skin - again, no makeup in this picture, this is a photo taken at the end of the day:

Overall, I love these products.  I have to say that my favourite products of the 4 were the scrub and the lotion.  The best part - a little bit of each product goes a long way, so you don't go through them very quickly!

Thank you to Influenster and L'Oréal for the opportunity to try these products out!  #5Works #BeyondHydration


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