Weather and School

So... once again, I was on a very long hiatus.  And instead of coming back thankful, rested with new perspectives on life, I have decided to open things back up with a "ranting ramble".  What's a ranting ramble you ask?  It's when someone rants to the point of making little sense... usually due to lack of sleep... like me.  So here we go....

I notice the same Facebook posts every year for the first few snow storms of the year

*Note* This picture is not from today.  I was just looking for a picture that had snow in it. :)

1- "Is there school today?"

2 - "The radio said no school in [Community #1], so is there school in [Community #2]?"

3 - (My personal favourite) "Why isn't school cancelled?  The roads are hazardous."

4 - (The opposite of the previous)  "Why IS school cancelled?  It's not even doing anything!  This is just teachers/administration/bus drivers trying to get a day off."

Here are my suggestions for some simple solutions:

1- You are on the internet - it's probably just as simple to look up the district website to see if school is cancelled.  

2 - Do you live in [Community #1]?  No?  You live in [Community #2]?   Then,  schools are open in your community.

3 - You feel your child has the risk of incurring injury due to road conditions?  You are your child's advocate.  Keep them home.

4 - This one is just ridiculous.  Do you think teachers or bus drivers actually have any say as to whether school is closed?  And even if they did, it's a matter of public safety.  Those who make these decisions make them based on the best information they have at that given moment.  When they had to make the call, the weather report may have said a foot of snow was expected.... we got rain instead?  Unfortunately, nobody has the power to see in the future.

So there you have it.  My "ranting ramble" today.  Please note that I have not had my coffee yet.  Probably another reason for this rant.


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