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Weather and School

So... once again, I was on a very long hiatus.  And instead of coming back thankful, rested with new perspectives on life, I have decided to open things back up with a "ranting ramble".  What's a ranting ramble you ask?  It's when someone rants to the point of making little sense... usually due to lack of sleep... like me.  So here we go.... I notice the same Facebook posts every year for the first few snow storms of the year *Note* This picture is not from today.  I was just looking for a picture that had snow in it. :) 1- "Is there school today?" 2 - "The radio said no school in [Community #1], so is there school in [Community #2]?" 3 - (My personal favourite) "Why isn't school cancelled?  The roads are hazardous." 4 - (The opposite of the previous)  "Why IS school cancelled?  It's not even doing anything!  This is just teachers/administration/bus drivers trying to get a day off." Here are my suggestio