Product Review: Clairol(R) Nice 'N Easy Root Touch Up

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I colour my hair freqently.   I always colour my hair all over when I re-colour, even if I'm staying the same colour.  I was given the opportunity to try Clairol's Root Touch-Up.  The beauty of Root Touch-Up is that you focus on your roots, and don't need to colour your whole head.  The products claimed a quick colour (10 minutes) so I decided to put that claim to the test.  Here is my experience.

I had coloured my hair many weeks before I decided to try Root Touch-Up.  I had quite a bit of re-growth.  I typically lighten my hair in the summer from a light brown to a medium blonde.  So my full colour, done weeks before, was a medium blonde colour.  I was worried about whether Clairol's Root Touch-Up would match the rest of my hair colour.  I chose the "medium blonde" shade and got to work.

The instructions suggested leaving the colour on for 10 minutes, and I ended up leaving it on for 15, mostly because my daughter needed my attention after I had applied the colour.

The end result was perfectly blended, beautiful looking hair.  Here is a photo of me with my beautifully refreshed hair.

I will definitely use this product again, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a quick touch up of their roots instead of spending more time to colour your whole head!

Thank you to Clairol and BzzAgent for providing me with this product free for the purposes of reviewing!  #GotItFree


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