My Blogging Break

You may or may not have noticed that it has been rather silent on this blog lately.  Save for a few apologies that I posted, I did not generate a lot of content this summer.  Although I do this blog out of pure interest, I do find that I periodically need a "break" from posting.  That may sound funny considering this is an enjoyable pastime for me, but hear me out.  You may have seen people take "technology breaks" or breaks from Facebook, this was my version.  Also, I'm not strong enough to take a complete technology break yet.

I always said that this blog would be about posting for fun and other therapeutic ranting I wanted to do, and I always told myself that if it ever felt like a struggle to come up with content, I would stop.  I decided to take a break when I found I was struggling to find time to write and it was stressing me out.  That was my sign that I needed a break.

Now, I'm back on the blogging train.  I feel refreshed and ready to post again.  So I hope you're ready for some random rambling, travel tips, reality tv and celebrity talk, and other random nonsense from an "overtired mama".


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