Review: Stella & Dot - Chelsea Tech Wallet

You may have heard of Stella & Dot - they offer bags, wallets, jewelry and other accessories.  I knew a number of people that raved about their products, but I never experienced any of their products myself, until now.

My friend Jill was a true fan of Stella & Dot and ultimately became a Stella & Dot personal stylist!  She encouraged me to try out one of the products, and I chose the Chelsea Tech Wallet because I loved the pattern, and I liked the idea of having a wallet that could hold my cell phone.

This wallet has lots of sections and a few spots for credit/debit cards.

What I love about this wallet - it has plenty of room for money and cards.  I am notoriously famous for carrying too many cards, but this wallet was able to accommodate all of my credit, debit, loyalty and membership cards, as well as hold my cash, and still left plenty of room for my cell phone.  It has a wrist strap that was very sturdy and allowed me to go without a purse and carry this alone.  

My family and I went on a recent vacation to Florida, so I carried this wallet with me and couldn't believe how many compliments I received!  It's stylish and practical.  I LOVE this wallet.  

There is only one change I would make in this wallet, and that is that there is no change compartment.  I initially put the change right in with my cards/cash, however, they coins got stuck in between cards and were hard to find.  Eventually I settled on putting a small change pouch in the wallet to hold my change.  It still holds the pouch, my cards, cash and phone.

I highly recommend having a look at what Stella & Dot has to offer.  You can have a party at home with a personal stylist to show you everything  (and, bonus, you get some great deals), and there's even an opportunity to have a fundraising party where proceeds from sales at your party goes towards a cause close to your heart.  I'll be doing the latter in a couple weeks with Jill as our personal stylist!

Have a look at Stella & Dot though the link below, and, BONUS, the wallet I reviewed in this post is on sale at the time of this publication!!!

Have you tried Stella & Dot?  Share your favourite products in the comments below.  

*Note - I received the wallet free of charge to review (Thanks Jill!), but the opinions are all my own.


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