Big Brother Canada 3 - April 1

We start with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony.  Sindy is crying and still finds a way to mention that her name is spelled with an "s". Ugh.  Of course Brittnee and Sindy talk about not back stabbing each other.  Blah.

The Bruno and Graig decide to plant some seeds of doubt in Brittnee about Naeha, and Naeha is mad.
We get a few shots of various showmances.... Zach and Ashleigh, Johnny and Kevin, Kevin and Pilar, and Sindy and Jordan.

Then Big Brother decides to pull an April fools prank by making the houseguests think that one of them purposely damaged one of the cameras.  Rumours fly.  Arissa breaks the news to the houseguests that it was a prank. 

Time for the vote. No surprise, Sindy is voted out unanimously.

Big Brother has been waking the houseguests up to watch a video, and as we all know, this usually translates in to a competition.  So tonight's HOH has the houseguests face off with questions about the video.  Can I just say, Naeha was scary intense in this game.   It comes down to Ashleigh and Kevin, and Kevin wins HOH.

Arissa springs on us that we'll see an instant eviction after nominations, so we'll find all that out on Sunday. Feeds will be down, so no spoilers!

Thoughts on tonight's episode?  Share in the comments!


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