Big Brother 3 - April 6

We're back with the aftermath of the HOH competition.  Brittnee has a plan to backdoor Graig.  At the nomination ceremony, Brittnee unleashes her plan.  Brittnee nominates Kevin and Bobby but insinuates that she has a bigger target in mind.  That is, in fact, true, however, her speech makes it sound like Johnny is the target.

We get to see some of the resulting punishment/rewards, including Graig's letter from his parents.  He cries.

On to POV.  This is a dizzying competition involves in spooling ropes on to your body, then putting the rope on another spool.   Bobby and Brittnee come out quick and lead the pack.  Johnny struggles, but not nearly as much as Sarah who feels nauseous and then claustrophobic.  She vomits and Kevin feels bad for her. So do I.  Motion sickness is truly awful.  She says she would usually have a "dube or two" to feel better but since she can't, she quits.

It ends up coming down to Johnny and Zach. .. And Johnny wins. 

Graig says he's skeptical of Brittnee's plan because Johnny's been spending time with her.  Oh Brittnee, what a rookie mistake.  If you want the house to think you hate someone, you can't spend a lot of time with them!  So Brittnee throws Johnny under the bus and tells Graig that Johnny said that Graig told everyone he had Brittnee under his thumb.  Graig is mad and confronts Johnny.

On to the POV - Kevin is saved.  There is a lot of talk about a bully in the house, so Graig is nominated. 

Eviction is Wednesday.  Who do you think is going home?


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