Big Brother 3 - April 5

It's instant eviction night!  Kevin nominates Naeha and Brittnee.  He's not allowed to tell houseguests under threat of instant eviction, so all the house guests campaign, not knowing the nominations have been made.

Eventually, Arissa reveals the infant eviction.  The houseguests had to write down who they vote for .......  And then reveal their votes to everyone.

Ultimately, Naeha goes home.  The girls realize they're being picked off.

The next HOH challenge is a balance competition that has to be done in pairs.   Most pairs settle on hugging as the best position.... Except Bruno and Graig who pick the most awkward position possible.  Craig describes it as "like spooning".

Losers get a reward or punishment.  But the big winners.... Sarah and Brittnee.  Brittnee gets the HOH.  She gets a letter from her mom and everyone cries.

Graig immediately starts strategy talk, but Sarah is not having it.

Nominations will be revealed tomorrow!


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