Update on my Fear Challenge

Some of you may remember a while back when I posted that I was accepting pledges to face my biggest fear, heights.  A new attraction opened at Busch Gardens, Tampa, in 2014 that would allow me to face my fear.  This ride takes people up 335 feet, tilts your chair 90 degrees so you are facing the ground, and drops you at 60 mph towards the ground.  Terrifying.

The pledges I accepted went towards the Canadian Cancer Society and it's wonderful programs, services, publications and research.  I was fortunate to raise $840.  Although I didn't reach my ultimate goal, and I decided to go through with this challenge.  (If you wan't to read more about why I took on this challenge, check out my previous post here. 

To prove to you I actually went through with it.  Here is some video I had my husband take of the experience.


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