Travel Deals of the Day - March 17, 2016

Are you experiencing a little bit of "cabin fever"?  For many living in colder climates, this tends to be the time of year that we all say we've had enough of winter - unless you like cold weather or love winter sports, perhaps.  For me, I always feel like a virtual hermit during the winter.  Home and work are my two destinations, for the most part, in the winter months.

Whether you're currently planning a trip, or simply daydreaming about one, I thought I would share a few deals I came across today.  

*Disclaimer* - I am not a spokesperson for any of the companies I mention in this post.  Any of the trips shared below are listed based solely on price.  Also - these were the prices at the time of my post, and prices may change as the sales continue.  

Now, with all of that out of the way, here's what I found today.

Because I have readers from all over the place, I didn't want to simply focus on departures from my local airport, so I chose a couple of "hub" airports and had a look at those, so, you have to consider whatever additional cost their may be to get you to and from these hubs.

Flights from Toronto:

To New York (LaGuardia or JFK) - flying Wednesday to Saturday (I used April 29 to May 2 as sample dates), for $255. To Chicago is just slightly more expensive at $289

Flights from New York:

Spirit air is having a St. Patty's Day sale today and tomorrow from multiple airports.  From New York, you could travel to Dallas Texas or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for $68.09 one-way.  Or head to Miami for $89.09 one-way.   

Flights from Chicago:

Maybe you'd like to head further west for a vacation?  With Frontier Airlines you could head to Las Vegas for $170.20 round trip. Or Lost Angeles or San Francisco for $168.00.

The key, in my view, to getting a great deal is when you can be flexible with your dates or even your destination.  In my experience, I have found Tuesdays and Wednesdays to be some of the least expensive flight days, but you may find other "diamond in the rough" flights on other days of the week.

Another tip, when you see a price listed, check and see if it includes all your taxes and fees before you book, some of those fees can be quite a surprise.

Below are a list of the websites where I found the deals listed above:

Air Canada -
Spirit Airlines -
Frontier Airlines -

Have you found any deals lately?  Do share in the comments below.  


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