Element5 Spa - Review

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy half a day at Element5 Spa in Saint John, NB.  If you're anything like me, it can be difficult to find the time to have a "me day", but I highly recommend it.  I have felt guilty in the past when I take time for me, but I truly believe that when you're happy and relaxed, it's contagious - a good contagious.  

I've had gift certificates before for a spa, and I usually stretch it as far as I can - multiple appointments on different days.  This time, I decided to try something different, book them all at the same time.  One big package.  And it was AMAZING.

Whether you live in Saint John, New Brunswick, or if you're planning to visit, I highly recommend a visit to this spa.  I'm going to share my experience in hopes of encouraging you to make your own "me day".  

Element5 Spa is located in Market Square, one of my favourite buildings in Saint John.  A beautiful, bright space surrounded by shopping, eating establishments, and even a museum.  One of the best parts, particularly for people visiting the area, it's connected by an "inside connection" to hotels, the Canada Games Aquatic Centre, Harbour Station (hockey rink/concert location), Brunswick Square (more shopping) and the iconic City Market.  You can easily make a whole day out of visiting this area of the city.

Element5 has recently had some renovations which include a new entrance and reception area with lots of products to browse through.

As you enter the reception area, you're greeted by a friendly staff, and taken to a relaxing waiting area with a fireplace, comfy chairs, and some Aveda Comforting Tea.  The tea is amazing, and the perfect way to start an appointment.

I began my appointment at 9 AM with a visit to their changing area where I was provided with a locker and a robe to wear for the duration of my visit.

I started with a leg wax.  Best to get the uncomfortable bit over with first.  My esthetician helped me feel relaxed and I barely noticed any uncomfortable feeling. A fantastic result, nice smooth legs, to move on to the remainder of my appointments.

Next, was a facial and a massage.  The massage was fantastic.  I've been to Element5 for massages before, and their RMTs are always very professional and discuss with you, before you begin, any trouble areas you may have, and what your goals are for the massage.  And the facial...this was a new area for me.  I had only had 1 facial before, and it wasn't a great experience, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the facial was so relaxing, included a hand and head massage (heavenly), and my skin felt fresh and moisturized afterwards.  

Here is a picture of me feeling relaxed after these first few services.

And of course it was relaxing, check out the treatment rooms:

On to a pedicure and manicure.  Their rooms are equiped to handle groups as well, so you can have a pedicure and/or manicure with your friends and/or family.  Both the manicure and pedicure include trimming and shaping of your nails, cuticle treatment, foot filing for the pedicure, massage for both, and polish.  

The result:

Just prior to beginning my pedicure, I was actually brought a menu to order some lunch from a restaurant close to the spa, Ryan Duffy's.  I ordered fish and chips, was taken to a room after my pedicure and was able to eat and order a glass of wine.  It was delicious and continued my relaxing experience.

Check out my delicious lunch!

After finishing all of my appointments, I vowed to make another "me day" again sometime soon.  I left there feeling like I had just had a vacation!  Don't believe me?  Check out my "after" photo... this is the face of relaxation:

I had multiple staff take care of me during my day at the spa, and each was professional and courteous.  

So my recommendation - take a "me day" and visit the spa, and, if you have the time, book more than one service... it's the ultimate in relaxation.  I can't wait to get back!

Have questions about my experience?  Feel free to leave questions in the comments below!


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