Big Brother Canada 3 - March 29 and 30

Back at it!  Picking back up with HOH, Brittnee and Kevin are the first to drop.  Eventually it comes down to Sindy and Bobby.  Sindy's strategy is to try to seduce (?)/distract Bobby.  It doesn't work because Bobby wins.  He nominates Kevin and Brittnee. 

Sarah and Sindy commit the first sin of Big Brother and decide to have a strategy chat in the bathroom without checking to see if anyone is in there first.  They reveal their girl "alliance" and Kevin hears it all.  The girls freak out and Kevin runs to fire up some of the boys.

Time for POV.  It's a beaver themed challenge and these beaver costumes are ridiculous.  Looking pretty low budget.  Anyway,  the houseguests have to gather logs, and spell a sentence out of the letters.  This challenge reinforces for me that these houseguests would not survive on Survivor.  Everyone is cold and talking about their bodies "shutting down".  Ultimately, Kevin wins.

Next, a little mini-challenge.  Johnny has to watch the other houseguest's line themselves up from least to most.... And Johnny has to guess the categories.  The categories are intelligence, hygiene and likelihood to win Big Brother.  They get them right, so they win a pool party.

The pool party gets wild with a game of spin the bottle.  Johnny gets to kiss Zach and describe  Zach's lips as being like unicorns and butterflies.  And we see a budding Ashleigh and Zach showmance.

On to POV - Kevin takes himself off and is replaced by Sindy, who is mad.

Thoughts on tonight's episode?


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