Big Brother Canada 3 - March 25

I LOVE Big Brother.  I've been watching since the first season of Big Brother US, so when a Canadian version came out, I was ALL IN.  I'm going to do some recapping of this season, fully acknowledging that I didn't recap the first episode this season, but hopefully the rest of my recaps make up for it.

Recap of the first episode - The houseguests entered to no furniture or supplies and none of their belongings.  They were told they would all be HOH and each nominate too people.  The two people nominated the most would end up as the nominees so those two people were Risha and Sindy.  On the the POV Sindy takes self off block and nominates Pilar in her place.  Risha feels like she's not connecting with anyone because of her age (she's 41).

Back to the present, it's the first night in the house.  No blankets, no beds, not much for comfort, so most houseguests are using towels to sleep on.  Johnny reveals he has crush on Kevin.  *yawn*

Everyone complains about how hard the first night was.  Obviously none of these people will be signing up for Survivor.

Arisa reveals that all furniture/supplies, etc are in a vault and there will be a challenge to open the vault.  There is a code to open the vault and the numbers are contained in big balls.  Houseguests must keep balls off the ground for 5 hours each.  If anything happens that they fail, they have to start over.

Kevin is offered $1000 to sabotage the challenge by having the houseguests fail.  He accepts and goes out and pops the ball.

Sarah & Brittnee decide to work together, and suspect Kevin as Saboteur.

Risha goes topless in the hot tub.  This is her strategy?  No wonder houseguests are referring to her as "the cougar".

Back to the challenge.  the houseguests prevail and get the numbers to crack the code.  They have to work for a while at it, and ultimately, Zach and Jordan crack code, but this is not the end.  Houseguests have 45 minutes to place stuff in specific spots as Big Brother has outlined.  And they do it... seemingly with ease.

Graig doing yoga with most people - Risha and Sindy decide not to participate.  Risha talks about how hard she's working and how little Pilar is working.  I don't get it.  Did I miss something?  Pilar is being social, which seems to me to be the thing that Risha is missing.

Arissa reveals Canada voted for eviction.  Houseguests are shocked.  Risha immediately looks pissed. It's like she knew.... because she's the one that gets evicted.  Arisa reveals it was a close vote and that there was a a #SaveRisha campaign on Twitter.  Arisa of course reveals that there may be a way for Risha to re-enter.  One of the first five evicted may re-enter, following a competition.

HOH competition is up next, which is an endurance competition, so we won't learn the outcome until the next episode (unless... like me... you check in on the live feed spoilers).

What are your thoughts on the first two episodes?  Share in the comments below.


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