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Big Brother Canada 3 - March 29 and 30

Back at it!  Picking back up with HOH, Brittnee and Kevin are the first to drop.  Eventually it comes down to Sindy and Bobby.  Sindy's strategy is to try to seduce (?)/distract Bobby.  It doesn't work because Bobby wins.  He nominates Kevin and Brittnee.  Sarah and Sindy commit the first sin of Big Brother and decide to have a strategy chat in the bathroom without checking to see if anyone is in there first.  They reveal their girl "alliance" and Kevin hears it all.  The girls freak out and Kevin runs to fire up some of the boys. Time for POV.  It's a beaver themed challenge and these beaver costumes are ridiculous.  Looking pretty low budget.  Anyway,  the houseguests have to gather logs, and spell a sentence out of the letters.  This challenge reinforces for me that these houseguests would not survive on Survivor.  Everyone is cold and talking about their bodies "shutting down".  Ultimately, Kevin wins. Next, a little mini-challenge

Big Brother Canada 3 - March 25

I LOVE Big Brother.  I've been watching since the first season of Big Brother US, so when a Canadian version came out, I was ALL IN.  I'm going to do some recapping of this season, fully acknowledging that I didn't recap the first episode this season, but hopefully the rest of my recaps make up for it. Recap of the first episode - The houseguests entered to no furniture or supplies and none of their belongings.  They were told they would all be HOH and each nominate too people.  The two people nominated the most would end up as the nominees so those two people were Risha and Sindy.  On the the POV Sindy takes self off block and nominates Pilar in her place.  Risha feels like she's not connecting with anyone because of her age (she's 41). Back to the present, it's the first night in the house.  No blankets, no beds, not much for comfort, so most houseguests are using towels to sleep on.  Johnny reveals he has crush on Kevin.  *yawn* Everyone complains about

Travel Deals of the Day - March 17, 2016

Are you experiencing a little bit of "cabin fever"?  For many living in colder climates, this tends to be the time of year that we all say we've had enough of winter - unless you like cold weather or love winter sports, perhaps.  For me, I always feel like a virtual hermit during the winter.  Home and work are my two destinations, for the most part, in the winter months. Whether you're currently planning a trip, or simply daydreaming about one, I thought I would share a few deals I came across today.   *Disclaimer* - I am not a spokesperson for any of the companies I mention in this post.  Any of the trips shared below are listed based solely on price.  Also - these were the prices at the time of my post, and prices may change as the sales continue.   Now, with all of that out of the way, here's what I found today. Because I have readers from all over the place, I didn't want to simply focus on departures from my local airport, so I chose a

Tips for a Fantastic Time at Disney Parks

Disclaimer: These tips and tricks are based on my own experience, there are not endorsed by any travel company, theme park or other organization.  If you have your own tips or tricks, I'd love to hear about them. Share in the comments below. My husband and I were in our 30s when we made our first trip to Orlando.  I didn't think theme parks were my kind of vacation, boy was I wrong.  Florida theme parks are about more than "just rides".  Each theme park offers different experiences.  I can't speak to all parks, but I can give some tips on the parks I have visited. Some general tips for Disney parks - I highly recommend strollers, particularly for children under the age of 6.  Disney parks involve a lot of walking.  We found we were able to make it around a lot faster with a stroller.  There are strollers available for rental at the park, and I've heard of a number of companies that rent strollers as well.  If your child is under 40 pounds, an umbrella

Element5 Spa - Review

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy half a day at Element5 Spa in Saint John, NB.  If you're anything like me, it can be difficult to find the time to have a "me day", but I highly recommend it.  I have felt guilty in the past when I take time for me, but I truly believe that when you're happy and relaxed, it's contagious - a good contagious.   I've had gift certificates before for a spa, and I usually stretch it as far as I can - multiple appointments on different days.  This time, I decided to try something different, book them all at the same time.  One big package.  And it was AMAZING. Whether you live in Saint John, New Brunswick, or if you're planning to visit, I highly recommend a visit to this spa.  I'm going to share my experience in hopes of encouraging you to make your own "me day".   Element5 Spa is located in Market Square, one of my favourite buildings in Saint John.  A beautiful, bright space surrounded by shoppi

Planning our Florida Vacation - Part 3 - Flights and Rental Cars

This post doesn't just apply to flights or car rentals in Florida, many of the things I write here will apply to many destinations. Keep in mind, I'm sharing what I've experience personally, but you may have had a totally different experience, feel free to share your own tips in the comments below! I started keeping an eye on flights to Florida about 8 months before we traveled.  In my opinion, there is such a thing as booking too early.  The flights 8 months ago were pricey.  We looked at travelling from our home airport in Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) and we also considered a few U.S. airports within driving distance (Bangor, Maine and Portland, Maine).  In past years, we always found flights were significantly cheaper flying out of the U.S.  but this year was different, we were travelling during Spring Break.  For this reason, flights were more expensive across the board.  So we went in to it knowing we would spend more than we had in years past.  This would be

Update on my Fear Challenge

Some of you may remember a while back when I posted that I was accepting pledges to face my biggest fear, heights.  A new attraction opened at Busch Gardens, Tampa, in 2014 that would allow me to face my fear.  This ride takes people up 335 feet, tilts your chair 90 degrees so you are facing the ground, and drops you at 60 mph towards the ground.  Terrifying. The pledges I accepted went towards the Canadian Cancer Society and it's wonderful programs, services, publications and research.  I was fortunate to raise $840.  Although I didn't reach my ultimate goal, and I decided to go through with this challenge.  (If you wan't to read more about why I took on this challenge, check out my previous post  here.   To prove to you I actually went through with it.  Here is some video I had my husband take of the experience.

Pardon the Silence

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I hope you'll forgive me but I'll be back soon with new reviews, including a post about Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World and Disney!!!