Bachelor - Episode 6 - February 9

Open with crazy Kelsey - supposedly having a panic attack on the ground.   My favourite part of this whole "medical emergency" is that the girls are all completely unsympathetic.  The "medical professional" (?) asks if Kelsey needs anything, and she says she needs to talk to Chris.  This girl is ridiculous.  Such a manipulative girl.  Anyway, she comes back in the room and laughs about the whole thing.  She says all "the feelings" were too much.  No one seems impressed.  I was kind of waiting for someone to lay the smack down.

On to the rose ceremony, and, as anyone could have predicted, Kelsey gets to stay.  None of the girls seem happy about it.  Except Britt who is always laying on her shoulder.

On to the girls and Chris arriving in Deadwood.  Chris starts with a totally cheesy old timey photo shoot.  On to a one-on-one conversation between Britt and Kelsey.  Sidenote - what the heck is Britt wearing.  Anyway, Kelsey says she believes she deserves a one-on-one date.  But - Becca gets it.  Yay!!  Kelsey is pissed.  She wants reassurance.  Um, ok, I'm thinking this girl doesn't know she's on a reality show.

One-on-one date time!  Was anyone else half expecting Kelsey to show up? Chris decides to take Becca on her first horse back ride.

Back at the hotel that Carly and Whitney decide it's time to confront Kelsey.  She says she was confused, that's why she was having a panic attack.  Then she also says to the girls that she's sorry if the girls are feeling insulted by her.  Meanwhile when she talks to the camera, she doesn't really seem sorry at all.

Back on the Becca and Chris date, she's making him laugh.  That's about all that is of note (if you can say that) about this date.

Date card!  It's the group date.  Which leaves Kelsey and Kardashian for the date.  They're both equally confident that they will end up with the rose.

Becca and Chris' date is winding down, and she gets a kiss.  *yawn*

Group date time, and it involves Big and Rich... if you're not familiar with country music, they're responsible for that horrible song "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy".   They coach each of the girls with song writing and signing.  Jade is clearly the most uncomfortable with this task.  So, her coach (Big or Rich, I don't know), takes her out to run down main street and yell.  Apparently this helps things.  Yeah, I don't know.

Britt and Chris decide to have a little huggy-stroky-kissy time.  Everyone's uncomfortable.

Chris decides to sing a song he wrote.  Very tone deaf, and cheesy, but the girls loved every second.

Kaitlyn raps... which was funny, and of course they have to bleep some out.

Carly sings, and she's good, and Chris says he feels an intense connection.  Even Kaitlyn says she thought it was amazing.

On to Jade, who's having a hard time with this challenge.  You can see how hard this was for her, hopefully Chris sees that too, I think it was hardest for her.

Two-on-one date card for Kelsey and Kardashian.  I feel like this was pretty much the producers picking the two most "controversial" girls to go on this date, not Chris.

Britt and Chris get away from the group date to watch Big and Rich in concert.  Then they get pulled up on stage.  Then Chris gives Britt a rose.  When they return, the rest of the girls are hurt and upset.

Let's get on to the two-on-one date.  They go for a helicopter ride, to a remote spot where there is a bed, in the middle of nowhere.  Weird.  This date is full-on awkward.

Chris takes Kardashian to be alone for a bit.  She turns it in to a makeout fest.  Weird.  Kardashian starts with a bit of word vomit and tells Chris how the girls all think Kelsey is fake.  Unfortunately, this never ends well for the person who tells a Bachelor about a "fake" girl in the house.  Chris proceeds to ask Kelsey how things are in the house.  She gives a nonchalant answer... but then he says that Kardashian told him that everyone thinks she's fake.  Kelsey says that she's hurt because she thought Kardashian was a friend she could trust.  What?!  Since when?  Anyway, she went storming back to where Kardashian is and frostily stares and her and says "I know what you did".  That whole sequence is freaky.  But then Kardashian storms off and finds Chris and breaks down in to hysterics.  Chris apologizes for telling Kelsey that it was her that said she was fake, but that he needed to get her side of the story.  She points out, legitimately, that every time she sees him, she cries.  Yeah, pretty much, but I'm not really sure that's Chris' fault.  Ultimately, he gives her a speech about how they're in different places, and she runs away crying.  Then storms back.  She's making this decision easier for him, because she's acting totally crazy.  She storms away... again!!  And Kelsey gives her smug smirk.

When the staff comes and takes Kardashian's suitcase away, the girls are in shock and don't understand it.

Back to hysterical Kardashian.  Ok, can we be done with this girls' hysterics please?  I can't stand it.  I also would rather not see Kelsey's smug look.  And Chris grants my wish!!!  He gets rid of Kelsey!  Thank goodness.  I was ready to give up hope.

I couldn't be happier that I don't have to see either one of those girls again.

The dramatic scene of him leaving in the airplane... hilarious.

Bachelor production staff come back and get Kelsey's bag.... and the girls crack open champagne to celebrate!  Meanwhile Kelsey talks about how amazing her story is because it's tragic.  Good on you girl for being confident, but you need to chat with someone to work through your stuff.

Preview for next week - it's a two day event.  And it looks like Jade was a playboy model, Britt goes nuts and an interview with crazy Kelsey.

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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