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Bachelor - Episode 6 - February 9

Open with crazy Kelsey - supposedly having a panic attack on the ground.   My favourite part of this whole "medical emergency" is that the girls are all completely unsympathetic.  The "medical professional" (?) asks if Kelsey needs anything, and she says she needs to talk to Chris.  This girl is ridiculous.  Such a manipulative girl.  Anyway, she comes back in the room and laughs about the whole thing.  She says all "the feelings" were too much.  No one seems impressed.  I was kind of waiting for someone to lay the smack down. On to the rose ceremony, and, as anyone could have predicted, Kelsey gets to stay.  None of the girls seem happy about it.  Except Britt who is always laying on her shoulder. On to the girls and Chris arriving in Deadwood.  Chris starts with a totally cheesy old timey photo shoot.  On to a one-on-one conversation between Britt and Kelsey.  Sidenote - what the heck is Britt wearing.  Anyway, Kelsey says she believes she deserves a

My Experience with HELLP Syndrome

Those of you familiar with my blog have perhaps heard me reference HELLP syndrome before.  It's something I had never heard of until I was diagnosed with it myself.  I was invited to share my story on the Journeys of the Zoo blog.  Head over and read my story, and be sure to share.  Awareness is important! Read my story by clicking :  here.   Thank you to Journeys of the Zoo for sharing my story on their blog!

Bachelor - Episode 5 - February 2

Looks like we're in for some major drama!  Let's get to it! First one-on-one date of the night goes to Carly.  They meet up with a "meditating lady" to get the date started.  Apparently, she is a "love guru".... um, anyone else remember that horrible Mike Myers movie "The Love Guru"?  Is this going to be anything like that?  Well, we see Chris and Carly going through breathing exercises and making "ooommmm" sounds.  We're on the right (or wrong) track. Then Carly is instructed to blindfold Chris, "explore his body" and feed him some foods.  She also has to smell him.   Ok, I'm sure people may do this stuff when alone, but with another person there... it's weird.  Plus, this love Guru keeps kind of creepily smiling.  I'm sure I would have been laughing.  But to make matters worse... the Guru tells them to undress each other.  Um, awkward much.  Luckily Chris says the same thing... which shows me I'm not cr