Bachelor - Episode 3 - January 19

We open with Jimmy Kimmel waking Chris up, then going to see the girls where he teases the girls that Chris will pick the winner after sleeping with all of them.... Not far from the truth.  Then he leaves a date card for Kaitlyn teasing vaulted ceilings, a sweeping view and hors d'oeuvres, so naturally they end up at Costco.

Chris and Kaitlin head in with a list provided by Jimmy Kimmel, including enough ketchup to fill a hot tub.  Then they head back to Chris' place to get ready for dinner with Jimmy.  Personally, I don't feel chemistry between Kaitlyn and Chris.  It's like watching a couple of friends. But maybe she will 
prove me wrong.

Jimmy Kimmel makes this entirely more interesting.  Jimmy brings up the fantasy sweet and asks Kaitlyn how she would feel watching the show back and seeing him sleep with a number of girls. She says she's OK with that.  Jimmy says Canadians are the best. That we are, Jimmy.

Date card!  Group date!  It references party animals. I predict the zoo.

Rose time.  Sidebar - I like the way Chris says Costco.  Anyway, Kaitlyn gets the rose and Jimmy leaves.  Once again, I felt like this whole date was just some friends hanging out.  She always has an arm or a glass in between them, even when they kiss. Seriously, watch it back.

This Jillian kind of freaks me out. What's with the blurring out her butt all the time. Get some shorts that fit, girl!

We have a farm theme race.  Corn shucking, eggs, goat milking, manure shoveling and wrestling a greased up pig.  So this is what happens on a farm?  Chris says corn shucking is important to him.  Ooooookkkkk.  Mackenzie is disqualified in the egg round.   And then on to the goats.  On to Jillian's butt.  Seriously.  I vote we all pitch it for new shorts for Jillian.

Carly wins.  Then they have a funny photo shoot.

Then we get a series of make out sessions.  Mackenzie is offended and confronts Chris about it. He stammers hard core over his answer.  Britt agrees with her but she won't bring it up. Becca doesn't go in for a kiss, she says she wants to wait.  That never ends well.

So who gets the group date rose? Becca. Well I'm glad she got it after the no kiss thing... Because I thought she was done for.

On to the next date with Whitney.  Chris says he wants a girl that can strike up conversations with strangers so, naturally, they decide to crash a wedding.   No one will suspect anything.... With their cameras.  So they get all done up and bring a gift, and show up in a limo.  And once Chris starts talking, he almost blows it.    They dance.  It seriously looks like a super fun date.  Chris gives her a rose, as he should.

Well I was wondering if we'd see the outdoor shower.  Jimmy Kimmel is there too. My favourite line of the episode comes from Chris - "I'm not just here to shower with Jimmy Kimmel".

Time for a pool party.  But it's not all fun and games.... Juelia decides to have an intense conversation about living life to the fullest.  She gets in to the nitty gritty of her relationship with her husband.  And it's really sad.  That's a lot for a person to live through.

Back to the pool party and Britt meets up to talk with Chris, or should I say, make out with Chris.  

Then Jillian goes to pose seductively in Chris' hot tub while Chris and Jade make out inside... Complete with porno music.  

Then Ashley " Kardashian " and a couple girls spy on Jillian and Chris.  When they start making out the girls come down. Ashley tries to find a polite way to get Jillian out of there but polite doesn't work and it leaves Ashley in tears.

Chris comes to find Ashley and she cries, then they make out.  Ugh.

Rose ceremony, and Ashley "Kardashian" talks about how confident she is. Then we hear from some girls who don't feel confident, and they get roses.  Even crazy Ashley, who we didn't see much from this week, and Jillian get roses.  The last rose goes to Ashley "Kardashian".  *sigh*

Next week - more bikinis, more making out, more blacking out of bums and more crying.

We finish with Jimmy tearfully leaving the mansion.

Well what did you all think?  Let me know in the comments below!


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