Bachelor - Episode 1 - January 5, 2015

Here we go everyone! Another season of crying, drama queens, crazies and the occasional likeable person. 

We get to begin with a live red carpet special with some of our "favorite" bachelor and bachelorette personalities. And by "some" Chris must be referring to the 5 likeable people we've met over past seasons..... Seriously.  Anyway, we get a token interview with one of the few couples who are still together, Sean and Catherine. 

I'm not going to lie, I tuned in and out to this red carpet special be cause hockey was on. Gotta love the World Junior Hockey tournament!  Anyway, I truly don't think I missed too much because each time I tuned in I was seeing shots of past contestants I was hoping to never see again.  But if you feel I missed out on something amazing, feel free to share your comments below.

So, on to the actual premier. We get to see some introductions to the girls and, of course, some clips of the dramatics too come on tonight's episode. Seriously.  We're barely in to the first episode and all ready some of the girls are coming out with the "that's so messed up" line. I wonder if they get paid a bonus for being the first one to say that, along with the first girl to cry, the first girl to get drunk and the first girl to show her crazy side.

We heard from Nikki about her breakup with Juan Pablo but Nikki sticks with her diplomatic answer about how they both tried... Blah, blah, blah.  She refers to his involvements in the entertainment industry which to me translates to how much he tries to extend his 15 minutes of fame.  Well, I refuse to discuss him any further because I just can't stand that guy.  I actually had to mute it at one point be cause I couldn't listen to Nikki talk about how great he is anymore.

Side note - I've seen Chris Bukowski walk past the camera half a dozen times now. We get it Chris, you're there.... You're always there. 

So we get to see some gratuitous shots of a shirtless Chris before the women arrive.  Then we hear a number of women talk about how hot he is and scream about it as they pull up in the limo.
And now, the moment we've been waiting for (I guess) the introductions.  Wow. We start with a cryer right away.
The cowgirl..... Very unique.  Wow... Lots of judgment from the other girls.... And she gives in to the judgment, changes and comes back through.  I think I would have liked her more if she had stayed in her original outfit.
Then the next girl had someone give Chris a card, which he reads and says "ok .....".  He has to close his eyes.... This girl comes up behind him, gives a little speech then runs away. Weird.

Ashley S looks terrified when she gets out of the car.

The next girl ..Kaitlyn... She said he could " plow the s#*t out of her field any day". Um. Wow.

I love how all of the women scramble over to Chris when he walks in.  So funny.

Then.... The joke.  If you didn't watch, the girl who made the joke about Chris "plowing her field" (Kaitlyn) makes another crude joke.  Ok.... I can see making jokes like that with your friends but, she's on national TV.... With strangers.  So awkward.

Chris and Britt have an intense conversation about how's much she wants him to put his trust in her and she'll be his shoulder to cry on.  Nice.... But you just met like 15 minutes ago.... I don't think he's going to confide all of his deepest darkest secrets at this time. 

We get to hear from a few farmers wives....huh?  Was I the only one who thought that part was kind of weird?

Oh dear. Amanda with the big eyes (the secret admirer).  She is intense.

Then we get more limos. To which one of the girls says it's so messed up.  It is?  Weren't you all just saying that there "had to be more girls coming"??  Is this really unexpected?  I don't think so. What is more " messed up" is that you girls go it the advantage of lots of extra time with Chris, so consider yourselves lucky. 

The first group talks about excluding the girls from the second group..... I don't get it.  They talk about how gorgeous these new girls are.  Again I say, huh?   Wasn't the first group gorgeous? 
The flight attendant... So cute.

Side note - this Kaitlyn is annoying.

Are the girls always this catty on then first night?  Or is this what I will refer to as the "Kaitlyn effect"?  This girl seems to be responsible for the majority of the nasty comments.
Kaitlyn decides to teach Chris to dance. I might like this scene if I didn't dislike this girl..... And of course, I don't like her, so Chris says he likes her.

The girls start to battle and steal him away, which always brings out the worst in these ladies.  I mean the clip of one girl saying " I'm looking around and these girls are not for him".   You mean you know that because you and Chris go way back..... To a couple hours ago.... So you know exactly what he needs.  Come on ladies!

And now, the drunk girls.  The cowgirl appears to not be able to hold her liquor. Yikes.  Moderation girls, moderation.

Evidently Chris likes intense, because he gives Britt the first impression rose and then they make out a little bit.  And she walks back in the house and all the other ladies hate her just a little bit.

Michelle Money decides to make  weird random comment about a rumour she heard about Britt and that she doesn't shower.  Again..... Huh???  Where did that come from?  Go home Michelle Money and comfort yourself with your headbands and big jewelry from last season, your 15 minutes of fame are over.

Random question - how does he remember all of their names?  I have a hard enough time remembering the names of two people I just met, let alone 30 people.  I would make them wear name tags.

Tara (the cowgirl) was looking pretty rough during this rose ceremony.  Was anyone else sort of expecting her to either pass out or be sick?  I mean, she almost fell while waiting.

Then.... Chris leaves. Oh the drama!!!

He isn't sure whether he should give Tara a rose given her drinking.  He comes back and continues. And she gets a rose.... Maybe to keep her from falling over.

Final rose goes to.... Ashley ... Who is starting to show a little of her crazy.  She is this season's Claire I think.

We see some tearful goodbyes....then one of the rejected girls, Kimberly, comes back inside to talk to Chris. Awkward.  Do these sorts of desperate pleas to be kept ever turn out well for the rejected person?  But Chris Harrison tells us that we won't see what happened until next week.

We do, however, get a little sneak peak of the season to come.  Looks like Chris gets a lot of action this season.  There's also a lot of crying (no surprise there).  There were a lot of shots of a few girls in particular so it will be interesting to see if that translates in to how far they go in the show.
So there we have it, what did you think of the Bachelor premiere?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

And YAY Canada and the World Junior Gold!!!  Tonight has made me a master channel flipper.


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