Planning our Florida Vacation - Part 1

There are lots of things I love to talk about, but one of my favourite things is to talk about Florida vacation planning!  I know, some people hate planning, but, for me, it helps build the excitement of the trip.  We are currently planning a trip to Florida in 2015, so I thought I would do a blog post series about the planning, as I often get lots of questions about what things I look at when planning our trip.

This year, we're travelling with my husband, my daughter, brother in-law, mother in-law and father in-law.  We all have different interests, but we always seem to come to agreement with most activities in Florida.

To begin the planning, we survey the group as to when we would like to go.  Typically, we have traveled in February in years past.  This year, my daughter is in school, so we are trying to plan around Spring Break.   We're tagging a couple extra days on the trip, but she'll only be out of school a couple days.

We've stayed in the same property the last couple of times we've traveled to Orlando, and it's fantastic!  It's called the "Disney Magic Villa" and the owners, Julie and Steve, are so easy to communicate with, and when we're there, they have a fabulous property management company that takes care of any issues you may be having at the house.    Check out the Disney Magic Villa for some pics and information:  I will share more about this fantastic property in my upcoming posts.

Once we had determined our travel dates, I checked the Disney Magic Villa site to see if the property was available, and it was!  Lucky us!  We were quick to get in touch and book our dates.

Our next step is narrowing down our activities during the vacation, but I will save that for my next post.

Planning a vacation to Florida?  Have questions?  Feel free to ask in the comments below and I'm happy to share the tips I have.


  1. I tried checking out the disney magic villa site but it says "account suspended" maybe I typed it wrong.....

  2. Hi RJ,

    Thanks for checking out the post and the Disney Magic Villa site. It appears to be working for me, so perhaps it was down temporarily. I have updated the post to include a direct link that you can click on, hopefully that will work for you. If not, they also have a VRBO listing which you can find here:


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