Some Topics Close to My Heart

As I was working on a few upcoming posts for my blog, I realized that I have written some great posts as a guest blogger on other websites that I have never shared on my own blog, so I wanted to share those with you all.  They are topics that are close to my heart, so I wanted to be sure you all got a chance to read them.

First, a post about the importance of teaching the value of "giving back" to your children.  Many of you who have read my blog before know that I am passionate about various causes, and I know that it can be a common misconception that volunteering is not a child friendly activity, but this does not have to be the case!  I shared my thoughts on this topic over at the Heritage Education Funds blog, have a look!

Do you volunteer as a family?  Do you talk to your children about charity?  Share your experiences in the comment section or feel free to connect with me on social media!


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