Product Review - Jamberry Nails

I love having my nails done.  I don't just mean the luxury of going to the spa for a manicure, I actually love the way my nails look when they're decorated, whether that be gel nails, polish or nail stickers.

I've tried a lot of different nail polishes, treatments, stickers, etc, and I had a number of friends asking me to try Jamberry, so I thought I would give it a go.

I had tried similar "stickers" before, and when I say "similar", I mean, ones that you apply and file off the excess.  I had some good luck with some, and bad luck with some.  What intrigued me with Jamberry is that they are "heat activated".  So, I went "all out" and bought myself one of their little heaters.  They do indicate that these heaters are not necessary as you could do it with a hair dryer, but I liked the idea that these heaters stand on their own, so there's no figuring out how to hold the hair dryer while getting ready to apply the sticker.

This is how the Jamberry nails work - you have a sheet of stickers, enough for a manicure and pedicure... maybe more if you're creative and don't make any mistakes.  They come in an oval shape, in various sides, so you cut them in half and use them on the fingers they fit on.  Once you have determined the size you need, you heat them for 3 to 5 seconds and apply them to the nail.  Then you take small scissors and clip off some of the excess and file off the rest.  Then you put your nails back in front of the heat to have it bond to the nail.  I will admit that this process took a little longer than I expected, and I think that probably with practice, it wouldn't take so long, but to do all of my nails, it took approximately half an hour.  But once I had them all on, I loved them:

I've had many compliments on my nails as well.

Even after a week and a half, they were holding strong:  

You can see in the picture that there's a little bit of lifting at the tip of the nail, but it was nothing that affected the look of them particularly.  

I will also note that they recommend cleaning your nail before hand with alcohol, however, I didn't do that step.  I had clean hands, but I didn't specifically clean the nail.

My nails lasted about 2 weeks and then they started to lift near the nail bed, and at that point I removed them.

Next, I decided to try the Jamberry Juniors on my daughter.  She is 5 years old.  I had heard some good things about this product.  So, I followed the same application proceedure as I had with my own nails.  Unfortunately, it didn't quote turn out for us.  This is a picture once we were done:

The stickers started lifting almost immediately, and after about half hour, she got annoyed with them and took them all off.

Now, I know everyone's nails are different, so it may just be that her nails don't take to this product.  We will try them again sometime to see if we have a different result.

So ultimately, a big thumbs up from me for the adult ones!  Not so much for kids.  Have you tried Jamberry nails?  What was your experience?

Note: These opinions are solely my own.  I was not provided any compensation for my review.  


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