Have You Invested in an RESP for Your Child?

It's been "a few" years since I received my undergraduate degree, but I do remember the costs associated with that degree.  I was fortunate that my parents invested in an RESP for my education.  This investment allowed me to focus more on my studies than worry about my finances.

Although the money I received for the plan did not cover my entire education, it did provide me with piece of mind that a good portion of my tuition would be covered.

When my parents invested in the RESP, they didn't know what or where I was going to study, but they invested anyway to provide me with a good funding so I could make decisions that were based on programs I was interested in and not necssarily the cost of the program.

You can read some more on why I think it's important to invest in an RESP for your child, AND you can also register to win a $2500 contribution to your child's RESP!



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