Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 9 and 10th

Yes, I cheated and am posting both recaps in one post.  So let's get to it.

So Frankie is HOH, and he nominated Cody and Victoria.  They will have some opportunity to "win their freedom" during POV.  But first (I had to channel my "inner Julie"), Let's talk about Team America.... yes, that's still happening.  Anyway, Team America has to convince the houseguests that there is a mouse in the house and keep them up all night looking for it.  And, SUCCESS!  Apparently everyone is scared of rodents... well, except Caleb.  He makes some kind of trap.

On to POV - which consists of looking a pictures that are composites of 3 different hosueguests.  They have to guess who is in the picture.  And the winner is..... Frankie.  Boo.

Frankie laments in his room about what he's going to do, and once again talks about making a "big move"... but if this show has taught us anything... it's that big moves don't happen.  And Frankie stays true to form and does not change the nominations.

On to the episode from tonight (10th).

We get to see Nicole and Christine arrive at the Jury house.  Nicole is received warmly.  Christine?  Not so much.  People barely look at her.  Christine shares that she was booed when she was evicted, and everyone, including sweet Donny, laughs.  They all talk about what a strong player Derrick is.

Julie reminisces on the week with the houseguests and allows Cody and Victoria to give their speeches on why they should stay.  When she sends Derrick to HOH, the countdown reaches zero and a buzzer sounds.  To add to the drama, Julie tells the houseguests she'll explain what's happening after the break.  When they come back, she explains that we are rewinding the week and starting over again.

Frankie's face at the rewind.  Amazing.  He clapped, but he definitely wasn't in to it.  haha

So, we're playing the seed challenge over again.  but that's where we're left.  We'll have to tune in on Sunday to find out who won.


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