Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 7

We open with a recap of the previous double eviction episode, including the "rewind" twist.  

Then we see the houseguests reacting to hearing the boos of the audience towards Christine.  Cody assumes that Christine must have been doing things that he didn't know about in order for people to boo her.

Then, the button is revealed to the houseguests.  Speculation runs wild as to what pushing the button would do.  Then, everyone gets to go see the button in person.  

And we also get more talking about why Christine was booed.  Caleb and Frankie tell Cody they think she was booed because of their relationship, because Christine was married.  They tell Cody about how Christine looked at him with "love" in her eyes.  Cody doesn't buy it.  The conversation is interrupted when Victoria heads to the Diary room and the boys celebrate.

Cody, Derrick and Caleb talk about making a big move and nominating Frankie if they get a chance.  *sigh*  How long are they going to keep talking this "big move" nonsense.  I say nonsense because it Never Happens!!!  Prove me wrong boys.  Prove. Me. Wrong.

This week's HOH competition is farm themed.  Houseguests have to take seeds across a "seesaw" leave them on the other side and head back for more.  They have to get them all across without falling or knocking them off.  If they fall or knock their seeds off, they have to start over.    

Can someone explain to me why Frankie explained what they had to do in this competition, literally 30 seconds after Derrick did?

Caleb compares this challenge to basic training (military), and he and Frankie are battling.  Very close.  But in the end, Frankie pulls out the win after Caleb is forced to start over when one of his seeds falls out.

Back to the button.  It's alot of back and forth... then they ultimately push it all together.  And a countdown clock appears.... and everyone is nervous.

Derrick tries to tell Victoria that she's the last girl in the house and will, therefore, be the most remembered.  Awww... don't get the girl's hopes up Derrick.

DOORBELL!!!!!  And in come...... Jeff and Jordan!  The houseguests freak!   Jeff notices how filthy the house is.  Thank you Jeff.  It's disgusting.  Also, good to know it smells as disgusting as it looks.

The houseguests have to get changed for a competition.     But Jeff tells Jordan, once they're outside, they're not there for a a competition, and pops the question!!!   Probably the sweetest moment in reality tv.  So cute.   Love these people.   Then he brings out their dog to celebrate..... then their families!!!  Then, they bring out Brett Eldridge (please excuse my spelling if it's wrong... I"m not familiar with him... sorry!)   And Caleb seems just as excited as Jordan.  We get to see a little montage of Jeff and Jordan.  Again... so cute!  And Frankie cries. 

Alright,  enough of the cute stuff (although I could have probably watched Jeff and Jordan for another hour).    Now for nominations, and I see Frankie did his nails in sparkles for the occasion.

Nominees are Cody and Victoria.

Looking forward to Veto on Tuesday!  (New night, don't forget!)


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