Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 4

This is it folks!  The double eviction night!  Let's get ready for some big moves!  Or not.  Who knows.  Let's get in to it.

So Nicole and Victoria are on the block.  Nicole looks pretty nervous as her leg was kicking so much I thought she was going to kick the coffee table over.  When they give their speeches, Nicole tells the houseguests to stop being big babies and start playing Big Brother and make some big moves.  YES!  Nicole gets it.  It's what I've been saying for weeks!  I'm tired of watching these baby moves.  But I digress.  Victoria gives a typical un-notable speech.  Voting time, and Nicole is unanimously voted out.

Now, HOH, it's a question game, and on the very first question, Derrick is the only one to answer correctly and wins HOH.  He nominates Victoria and Christine.  He says that if one of them wins Veto he will nominate Frankie, and I cross my fingers that it happens, but it doesn't.  Frankie wins Veto and decides not to use it.  Voting time and Christine is unanimously voted out.  Without a word to any houseguests she walks out to a blast of "boos" from the audience.   Let me go on a little rant here.  I am not a Christine fan,  but the booing thing is terrible.   Maybe you don't agree with her behaviour in the house, given that she's married, but let her husband deal with that.  If you don't like her, don't clap when she comes out, but the booing thing... come on.  Anyway, the houseguests heard the booing and take it as a sign that they made the right move.

Julie asks Christine some hard questions about whether she feels betrayed, whether she feels she played the game well and about her relationship with Cody.  Christine gives some pretty basic, non-controversial answers and then we move on.

We find out that there is the potential for a "rewind" that will be unleashed this week.  If this magic button is pressed, nominees will be taken off the block and the whole week will be played over.   Exciting!

Now, we have to wait until Sunday to find out who the next HOH is.  I can't wait!


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