Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 3

As promised, a brief recap of the episode I didn't recap on the long weekend:

Caleb won HOH.
Lots of talk about Donny's leaving.
Derrick starts dealing with his "Hollas".
Nicole and Christine are nominated.

On to tonight's episode.  The boys give Christine a pep talk to assure her she is not a target.  Which Derrick quickly follows up with a diary room message saying she is, in fact, his target.  Love it.

On to POV - the first out of the competition has to dress up like a dinosaur.  The houseguests have to cut wires on a bomb in response to a question asked about a colour sequence they had to view.  If they cut the wrong wire, it explodes.  Best. Challenge. Ever.

Cody is out first.
Then Caleb.
Then Victoria.
Then Derrick who says he thew the competition in hopes of keeping Nicole from getting knocked out... but Nicole is knocked out too.

Christine wins POV.  Frankie runs up to her and starts pumping her up, and says how good she is, then starts yelling about Caleb being color blind.  Huh?  Good diversion Frankie.  Not.

Cody asks Christine what Frankie said to her, and she repeats his congratulatory message.  Cody is mad that Frankie is "undermining" he and Caleb.   He talks about making a big move... somehow I'm not convinced.

Next, Cody gets dressed up as a "#TyrannosaursJerk"  Everyone fusses over how cute he is.  I dunno, I must be immune.  I don't get it.

Now, a big Caleb/Cody chat about Frankie.  So they talk about good reasons why Frankie should be a target.  Will it happen.  We'll see.

Caleb chats with Derrick and Christine about backdooring Frankie.  Christine loves the idea, Derrick says he isn't sure.  He talks to Cody and they continue to talk about Frankie as a threat.

Derrick and Nicole chat about missing home.  Nicole tries to plant the seed about making a big move.  Derrick is skeptical about her motives.  So he decides Nicole has to be the target, not Frankie.

POV ceremony.  Of course Christine uses the veto on herself and Caleb nominates Victoria.  Am I the only one that isn't surprised?  This "Bomb Squad" has been talking about making "big moves" all season.... so when are these big moves going to happen?  *Snooze*

So unfortunately, we'll see Nicole go home on Thursday.... unless something major changes by then.  But remember, it's a double eviction week, so things could flip quickly... and lets hope it does.

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