Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 14

Dear Football,

You are ruining my TV watching.


Overtired Mama

That "letter" was prompted by yet another delay of Big Brother because of football.  I know.... first world problems.

On to the recap....

We pickup with the HOH we're replaying because of the Rewind.  And the new winner is........ Caleb.

Lots of game talk about who should be nominated.

Then.....a luxury competition.  The houseguests find out that the Jury members are coming to play for the luxury competition.  The winner gets $5000.  Then the houseguests are going to bet on the Jury members, and if their jury member wins they will also get $5000.  So no one chooses Christine.  Ouch.  And Nicole absolutely KILLS in this competition.  She knocks out most of the houseguests, then Hayden swings in and wins in the end.  Which means, he wins and so does Victoria.

Part of this competition was that the houseguests had to look for small disks in the house, which results in the house being absolutely torn apart.  The houseguests are devastated and grossed out.  I'm all for anything that makes the houseguests clean.  I mean, they're in there all day every day.... it just helps them out if they have something to do.

In the end.... the nominees.... Victoria (surprise surprise) and... FRANKIE!  YAY!  He's finally on the block!  Let's wait and see how this turns out!!


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