Big Brother 16 - FINALE!

Well... this is it folks.  The night we've been waiting for!  The big finale!  A reminder that the final 3 are Cody, Derrick... and Victoria.  I think we can all predict how the night is going to end for her.

Let's pick up with the Jury sitting with Dr. Will to discuss who the best player is.  And Caleb joins them as the most recent evictee.   Side note - I refuse to call him Beast Mode.  Refuse.

Anyway, we have some bitter people here.  Particularly Jacosta, who says that Derrick "fake prayed" with her in the house.  Wait... how do you "fake pray"?  Whatever.  

Frankie is his usually self, doing these dramatic gestures and non-hair flips (that's a term I just invented... it's when someone tosses their head like they're flipping long hair, but doesn't have long hair).   A little note about a rumour I heard - I had read that there was a possibility that Frankie would co-host the next season of Big Brother with Julie, and would take over hosting duties the following year.  Am I the only one who prays (real prayers, not fake ones) that this isn't true?  I can't handle any more Frankie.  I realize that there will come a day that Julie will leave the show... but please don't have Frankie in your place.  I think I will have to give up Big Brother if that happens.

Back to the show - Part one of the HOH competition, we pick up where the last show left off... the final 3 balancing on hand gliders while being tilted almost parallel to the ground.  They are faced with some pretty hard rain... and eventually, Victoria falls.  Then Derrick steps down.  Cody wins part 1.  Part 2 of the competition is Derrick vs Victoria and they have to put all of the nomination pairs in order while climbing up a wall to put the Houseguests pictures in place.  Derrick wins.  Final part of the HOH, down to questions about jury members.  It comes down to a tie breaking question... both answers are pretty close, but Cody wins.  He chooses to evict Victoria, leaving The Hitman alliance as the final 2.

The Jury throws questions at the final two including a question for Cody about being Derrick's puppet and a question to Derrick about "using" his family to win.  Harsh. 

On to the voting..... but we don't get to find out the winner yet.  They bring back former houseguests first.  And Derrick announces to everyone that he is, in fact, a police officer who spent a couple years under cover.  Many are shocked, except Frankie who dramatically exclaims "I knew it!"

Let's find out the winner.... by a vote of 7 to 2, Derrick wins - the only two votes he doesn't get are from Jacosta and Donny.  

Fan favourite - I don't think there was any question - Donny.

What did you think of this season???  Exciting stuff?  Or not so much?


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