Big Brother 16 and the Long Weekend

So, as you all know, it was a long weekend.  So it was long weekend vs. Big Brother 16, and the long weekend won.  We were out at a camp with no cable TV.  I didn't even PVR it because I knew I wouldn't watch it.  Not because I'm lazy (ok, I am lazy, but that's not the reason), it's because my daughter starts Kindergarten tomorrow.  I've been labeling school supplies like a mad woman... and making lunches (yes, plural... I was nice and made lunch for my husband too).

I'm not used to being emotional about these sorts of things.  Let's put it this way.  In high school, I went to watch Titanic in the movie theaters with my friends and while everyone in the theatre cried when Jack died (*spoiler alert*), I was laughing at how ridiculous the whole scene was - there was plenty of room on that board? If she truly loved him, wouldn't she make more of an effort to save him???  Anyway, I digress.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't laughing out loud... I recognized that people were emotional about it and really liked it.  I just wasn't there.  Well, now, I'm an emotional train wreck.  I haven't had a full-on break down blubber fest, but, I'm sure it will come.

So have mercy on my lack of recap, I will do a mini recap of last night's episode on Wednesday when I recap that night's episode.  And think of me and my probable cry-fest tomorrow.


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