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Product Review: Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10

I'll admit it, I torture my hair.  I have for years. Bleach, perms, curling irons, straighteners, hair colouring, I've done it all.  So, it comes as no surprise that my hair is brittle. Over the years I've tried a number of treatments and products in order to help my hair feel healthier.  I've used hot oil treatments, salon brand products and just about any store brand you can imagine.  When I was approached by BzzAgent (a totally awesome product review site that you should check out at to review Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 products, I went in to it with an open mind. What I received from BzzAgent was a bottle of Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 Shampoo, Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 Conditioner and Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème. I was excited to try these products out.  So, the next morning I tried the shampoo and conditioner first.  Both had a nice smell - not over powering, and the smell didn't linger, just a nice clean smell.  And the conditio

Big Brother 16 - FINALE!

Well... this is it folks.  The night we've been waiting for!  The big finale!  A reminder that the final 3 are Cody, Derrick... and Victoria.  I think we can all predict how the night is going to end for her. Let's pick up with the Jury sitting with Dr. Will to discuss who the best player is.  And Caleb joins them as the most recent evictee.   Side note - I refuse to call him Beast Mode.  Refuse. Anyway, we have some bitter people here.  Particularly Jacosta, who says that Derrick "fake prayed" with her in the house.  Wait... how do you "fake pray"?  Whatever.   Frankie is his usually self, doing these dramatic gestures and non-hair flips (that's a term I just invented... it's when someone tosses their head like they're flipping long hair, but doesn't have long hair).   A little note about a rumour I heard - I had read that there was a possibility that Frankie would co-host the next season of Big Brother with Julie, and would

Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 17

Another abbreviated recap. So, now we get to find out what the house is like "post Frankie".  And I have to say, I'm happy not to watch him anymore.  Even watching him with Julie I found annoying.  But I digress. Time for nominations, and Derrick, clever as he is, was able to convince Caleb to nominate himself.  Caleb does so assuming that the boys will stick together until the end, sending Victoria home this week.  What Caleb doesn't know is that Derrick and Cody have had a deal this whole game. On to the POV where the winner is.... Cody!   This means Cody is safe, and so is Derrick.  Cody also will be the only houseguest that will be voting this week.  And he decides to vote out Caleb. Caleb feels most betrayed by Derrick and tells Julie so. Can you believe we're almost at the end?

Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 16

Just an abbreviated recap tonight. Well this episode was intense and fun! Picking it up where we left off... Frankie is upset he was nominated.  Surprise, surprise.  So he wants to know why he was nominated, and Caleb spills that they were nervous he would save Victoria.  Seriously.  Come on Caleb.... why did you tell him that? Anyway... to make a long story short.... Cody wins VETO, and despite Frankie's pleading, he isn't saved.  On to the vote... and he's voted out. Now next HOH - and the winner is.... Derrick! Another one voted out tomorrow... and finale next week!  Eek.... busy times!

Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 14

Dear Football, You are ruining my TV watching. Sincerely, Overtired Mama That "letter" was prompted by yet another delay of Big Brother because of football.  I know.... first world problems. On to the recap.... We pickup with the HOH we're replaying because of the Rewind.  And the new winner is........ Caleb. Lots of game talk about who should be nominated. Then.....a luxury competition.  The houseguests find out that the Jury members are coming to play for the luxury competition.  The winner gets $5000.  Then the houseguests are going to bet on the Jury members, and if their jury member wins they will also get $5000.  So no one chooses Christine.  Ouch.  And Nicole absolutely KILLS in this competition.  She knocks out most of the houseguests, then Hayden swings in and wins in the end.  Which means, he wins and so does Victoria. Part of this competition was that the houseguests had to look for small disks in the house, which results in the house being ab

Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 9 and 10th

Yes, I cheated and am posting both recaps in one post.  So let's get to it. So Frankie is HOH, and he nominated Cody and Victoria.  They will have some opportunity to "win their freedom" during POV.  But first (I had to channel my "inner Julie"), Let's talk about Team America.... yes, that's still happening.  Anyway, Team America has to convince the houseguests that there is a mouse in the house and keep them up all night looking for it.  And, SUCCESS!  Apparently everyone is scared of rodents... well, except Caleb.  He makes some kind of trap. On to POV - which consists of looking a pictures that are composites of 3 different hosueguests.  They have to guess who is in the picture.  And the winner is..... Frankie.  Boo. Frankie laments in his room about what he's going to do, and once again talks about making a "big move"... but if this show has taught us anything... it's that big moves don't happen.  And Frankie stays tru

Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 7

We open with a recap of the previous double eviction episode, including the "rewind" twist.   Then we see the houseguests reacting to hearing the boos of the audience towards Christine.  Cody assumes that Christine must have been doing things that he didn't know about in order for people to boo her. Then, the button is revealed to the houseguests.  Speculation runs wild as to what pushing the button would do.  Then, everyone gets to go see the button in person.   And we also get more talking about why Christine was booed.  Caleb and Frankie tell Cody they think she was booed because of their relationship, because Christine was married.  They tell Cody about how Christine looked at him with "love" in her eyes.  Cody doesn't buy it.  The conversation is interrupted when Victoria heads to the Diary room and the boys celebrate. Cody, Derrick and Caleb talk about making a big move and nominating Frankie if they get a chance.  *sigh*  How long

Giving Back and my Personal Challenge

I open today's blog post with a picture that means a lot to me.  A picture of my dad holding my daughter just a few hours after she was born. This picture shows the beginning of a truly special relationship between my daughter and her Grampy.  When she was only 2, my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Through his battle with the disease, she provided a bright light.  They would read stories, watch funny Simon's Cat videos (if you aren't familiar with Simon's Cat, check him out on YouTube, very funny), and playing games.  Sometimes they did this at home, and sometimes from the hospital bed.  No matter where they played, it was special to both of them.  My dad passed on April 6, 2013.  Even before my dad's diagnosis, I was involved in the Canadian Cancer Society.  I believe in their programs, services, information resources, advocacy efforts and research.  If you want to read more about why I'm passionate about this organization, check out my pr

Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 4

This is it folks!  The double eviction night!  Let's get ready for some big moves!  Or not.  Who knows.  Let's get in to it. So Nicole and Victoria are on the block.  Nicole looks pretty nervous as her leg was kicking so much I thought she was going to kick the coffee table over.  When they give their speeches, Nicole tells the houseguests to stop being big babies and start playing Big Brother and make some big moves.  YES!  Nicole gets it.  It's what I've been saying for weeks!  I'm tired of watching these baby moves.  But I digress.  Victoria gives a typical un-notable speech.  Voting time, and Nicole is unanimously voted out. Now, HOH, it's a question game, and on the very first question, Derrick is the only one to answer correctly and wins HOH.  He nominates Victoria and Christine.  He says that if one of them wins Veto he will nominate Frankie, and I cross my fingers that it happens, but it doesn't.  Frankie wins Veto and decides not to use it.

Big Brother 16 - Recap - September 3

As promised, a brief recap of the episode I didn't recap on the long weekend: Caleb won HOH. Lots of talk about Donny's leaving. Derrick starts dealing with his "Hollas". Nicole and Christine are nominated. On to tonight's episode.  The boys give Christine a pep talk to assure her she is not a target.  Which Derrick quickly follows up with a diary room message saying she is, in fact, his target.  Love it. On to POV - the first out of the competition has to dress up like a dinosaur.  The houseguests have to cut wires on a bomb in response to a question asked about a colour sequence they had to view.  If they cut the wrong wire, it explodes.  Best. Challenge. Ever. Cody is out first. Then Caleb. Then Victoria. Then Derrick who says he thew the competition in hopes of keeping Nicole from getting knocked out... but Nicole is knocked out too. Christine wins POV.  Frankie runs up to her and starts pumping her up, and says how good she is, then starts yel

Big Brother 16 and the Long Weekend

So, as you all know, it was a long weekend.  So it was long weekend vs. Big Brother 16, and the long weekend won.  We were out at a camp with no cable TV.  I didn't even PVR it because I knew I wouldn't watch it.  Not because I'm lazy (ok, I am lazy, but that's not the reason), it's because my daughter starts Kindergarten tomorrow.  I've been labeling school supplies like a mad woman... and making lunches (yes, plural... I was nice and made lunch for my husband too). I'm not used to being emotional about these sorts of things.  Let's put it this way.  In high school, I went to watch Titanic in the movie theaters with my friends and while everyone in the theatre cried when Jack died (*spoiler alert*), I was laughing at how ridiculous the whole scene was - there was plenty of room on that board? If she truly loved him, wouldn't she make more of an effort to save him???  Anyway, I digress.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't laughing out loud... I r