From Couch to Action Photo Challenge

I've seen a variety of photo challenges on social media lately, and I have to say, I love it.  So many beautiful pictures of different places, people, things and more!  And so much creativity.  I was inspired while seeing some recent photo challenges over the last few weeks or so.  I decided to issue my own challenge.  This isn't a physical "prize" based challenge, my hope is that during and following the challenge, you feel great about what you've accomplished.

If you've read some of my past posts, you know that I've often struggled with staying active, so, I've used that as inspiration for this challenge.  I'm calling it the "Couch to Action Photo Challenge".  Whether you are already really active, or are not active at all, this challenge is for you.  I encourage you to set your own goals, and use these photos to help motivate you.  I'm proposing this as a 15 day photo challenge.  Not too long, so hopefully a good length to commit to.  See the graphic below, it will indicate a "theme" for each day, from August 15 to 30, and I challenge you to share your picture on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #CouchToActionPhoto.

This is meant to be fun, so be creative!  I hope you all enjoy the challenge.  And I look forward to seeing everyone's pictures starting August 15.

I'll be participating as well, so see below the graphic for the information on how to follow my Twitter and/or Instagram, where I will be posting my own pictures.

Good luck and have fun!

Follow my progress on Twitter:
You can also follow me on Instagram:

Please note - If you are just beginning a fitness routine, please consult your doctor.   I am not a certified fitness professional, this photo challenge is meant to be fun, so please know your own limits and consult with a health care professional before engaging in any intensive fitness program.  This challenge is meant to be fun and get you moving, but take precautions to prevent injury.  Have fun!


  1. I totally failed at this! I started, but only got a few pictures. Apparently, I'm not committed enough to move from the couch to action yet.


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