Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 27

People are reacting to Nicole's return to the game.  Unsurprisingly, no one is particularly happy about it.  Nicole and Donny do some game talk, which makes everyone talk about them working together.

Caleb decides to bring out Beast Mode Ninja.  He shows everyone a series of kicks, spins and yelling.  Oh yeah, and then he falls down too.  He's so weird.

HOH - Boxing challenge.  Unfortunately, Nicole is out first.  It ultimately comes down to Cody vs. Donny.  The winner is...... Cody.  Unfortunately, that doesn't sound good for Nicole or Donny.  The Detonator boys start discussing how they will have to get rid of Christine at some point soon.  I'd prefer sooner rather than later.

Cody's HOH room - a couple of notable happenings: 1 - Caleb talks about how good looking Cody's sister is. 2 - Donny says he thought Cody was just "some dumb kid", but turns out he's "a genius".

Nicole goes to chat to Cody to plead her case.  Cody makes it clear that Donny is his target this week.  This is followed by a discussion between Derrick and Cody about how necessary it is to get Christine out sooner rather than later.

So a girl gossip sesh (I'm so hip... that's a cool word for session).    Everyone wants to find out about Nicole and Hayden.  She says he's sweet, made her breakfast, he's an amazing cuddler... awww.  Cody says it sounds like all the action is in the jury house.

Donny decides it's a good idea to wake Cody up to talk game.  Zingbot was right, his social game is not the best.  I don't know very many people that enjoy being woken up.  Donny makes his speech, and Cody grunts through the whole speech.  In the end, Cody says Donny gave him lots to think about, and he considers Frankie and Christine to be people in his alliance he could go after.

Derrick and Donny have a chat.... really, I didn't find it all that interesting.  Yes, Derrick points out that he's not in the house to have Team America wreck his game, because he's there to play his own game.  I don't think that's a bad or unreasonable thing.  Ultimately, isn't everyone there to play their own game?

Nominations - Donny and Nicole... no surprise there.

Cody still says he's considering making a big move.  I guess we'll see once we know what happens with the POV.

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