Big Brother 16 Recap - Episode 25

We open with the fallout from the Battle of the Block.  Donny is not a stupid man, he knows that Christine threw the competition.  He believes Derrick is one of the masterminds in all of this.  Derrick also knows something is up with Donny and he tells Frankie that Donny is on to them.

I've been waiting for this episode all season because, it's the return of Zingbot.  When Zingbot arrives, he's not quite himself.  Zingbot is spouting compliments and the Houseguests don't like it.  Christine voices her displeasure - Don't worry Christine, soon enough, you'll be wishing that there weren't any Zings.  So after the niceties of Zingbot, the doorbell rings, and in comes Kathy Griffin to zing everybody.  Some of her zings include: "Who likes to wear pink and cuddle with men?  Zach!"  He tries to look hurt, but eventually can't help but laugh.  There's a Zing about all the cuddling Cody and Christine do.  She gets a little upset.  Cody says in the diary room "There's nothing going on there.  We're just very, very, very, very good friends".  Um, I think that's too many "verys".  On to POV, and this challenge is meant to "fix" Zingbot.  I won't get in to the whole challenge other than to say, Frankie wins.  When Zingbot comes out, there are Zings all around.

The episode was laced with paranoia.  Some about who would be nominated in the event Victoria won POV.  Frankie assures Zach over and over again that he would not be nominated.  The other side of the paranoia had to do with the Team America challenge.  They steal items of clothing and hide them.  People start flipping out about it.  Especially "Beast Mode Cowboy".  Ugh, seriously, we're still calling him that?  Anyway, accusations start flying around about who stole the clothing.  Ultimately people start assuming there's a "saboteur".  Frankie is literally screaming about it.  Please.  Can we take the volume on this episode down a notch.  I can't handle it.  The screaming's not done there.  Caleb decides that it makes sense that Zach must be the saboteur.  Everyone agrees that it makes sense.  So, poor Zach, is accused of stealing everything.  Eventually, the clothing items are found, and the even higher pitched screaming begins.  Seriously, this is the worst.  It's bad enough when they yell in the Diary room.   Screeching is just the icing on the horribly loud cake.

In the end, we're down to POV ceremony.  Frankie decides to use the POV on Caleb, and replaces him with..... Zach.  He does an embarrassingly awful rap about his nomination.

We'll find out tonight who goes home.

I'm going to end with a little plug for my previous post.  Please read about the kids at Bayside Middle School and their incredible efforts to raise money and awareness for the Children's Wish Foundation.  They deserve recognition.  Read about the efforts to #BringRickToBayside:


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