Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 24

We start right away with game play..... everyone is scrambling to save themselves from the block.

First, Derrick manages to convince Frankie it's a good idea to keep Victoria off the block, and she's over the moon about it.  The Detonators decide that instead, it's a good idea to nominate Donny.  

Who wants to see the HOH room???  Am I the only one who's kind of like "Meh" at this point?  Yeah, I know, Frankie's sister is Ariana Grande... fun, but I wasn't really sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear her letter.  Frankie's excited that he's now "free to be who he is" because he revealed that Ariana is his sister.  So, of course, there are lots of pictures of her.  And through her letter to him we learn (spoiler alert) she's opening the VMAs.  Then we get to see about 2 pictures of Derrick's.  

Derrick pulls Donny aside to tell him he will be nominated.  Awww.

Now, the next #TeamAmerica challenge - they need to steal favourite pieces of clothing from each houseguest and then organize a neighbourhood watch for 24 hours straight.  They decide to take Christine's classes, Cody's Ruggers shirt, Caleb's bunny slippers, and Zach's Gator shirt.  

Now, the Detonators have to decide who is going to be nominated.  Of course, no one wants to go up on the block.  Everyone is equally stressed.  So everyone sits in silence.  Eventually, Caleb mentions how many times he volunteered to be nominated.... then they decide that picking skittles drawn out of a hat will determine who is nominated.  Hilarious.  

Christine is drawn to go up against Donny and needs to throw it.  She's not happy.  Then Cody and Caleb are picked.  They're not happy.  Zach's happy though.  I think he forgets though that there's still the Veto.

A little montage of Cody and Christine's touchy feely relationship.  Frankie says they're always touching. Donny says it's weird how much she touches him considering she's married.  Cut to Christine in the diary room..... where she says the flirting is just a strategy to help win.  Riiiigggghhhhtttt.

Back to nomination talk.  Caleb suggests that Zach should be backdoored if Donny wins POV.  Derrick likes the idea.

Derrick and Frankie try to convince Donny that he is not a target this week, I don't think he's buying it.

On to the nomination ceremony - Derrick nominates Derrick and Christine.  Frankie nominates Cody and Caleb.

Frankie makes some jokes during his nominations... Donny doesn't smile.

On to the Battle of the Block.  Teams have to search in the dark for bones and put it on their board.  Donny figures out that Christine is throwing the competition and wins the whole thing himself.... and celebrates in the cutest way...... How can people not  love him.  He says he's not trying to brag, but he won that challenge all by himself.  Yes he did.  

Looks like Zingbot and Kathy Griffin are up next on Wednesday.  


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