Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 23

So, we start with the "betrayal" of Christine vs Nicole.  Nicole is feeling pretty bettrayed.  Victoria and Nicole speculate about who Christine is alligning herself with.  Nicole mentions Christines....unusual... relationship with Cody. For those readers who don't know much about what's been happening on the live feeds... Nicole and Cody cuddle a lot.  It is unusual because she's married.

I hope it's ok with everyone that I'm not going to recap the football outing. I didn't find it particularly interesting for a couple of reasons: I'm not really a fan of Frankie Christine or Caleb, and... I don't really like football. The 3 houseguests got to go visit the Dallas Cowboys.  I'll leave it at that.

On to tonight's vote - Nicole is unanimously voted out. I don't think anyone was surprised by that.  Nicole is sweet, as always, during her interview with Julie and, of course, Donny had a sweet "goodbye" message for her, hoping they will be friends after Big Brother is over. Awww.

We learn that houseguests were innondated with images and messages about a faux Zombie appocolypse.  The subsequent HOH has to do with answering questions about those messages.  The winners are....... Frankie and Derrick.

Then Julie interviews Rachel Reilly.....  who says a lot of "Am I right?"  I'm too tired for this girl tonight.

We also learn that Sunday's episode will see nominations, the last battle of the block of the summer and.... Zingbot!  I'm expecting a lot of "crazy stalker" type Zings for Caleb.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Excited for Sunday? What Jury member wod you like to see back? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!


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