Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 22

Frankie reveals that he's "famous" and that his sister is Ariana Grande.  We see the two extremes... Victoria is starstruck (although she claims it doesn't really affect her), and Zach feels utterly betrayed.  He even yells and cries about it in the diary room.  He's pretty broken up.

Frankie mentions that he will be donating his money to build schools in Africa... Zach yells in the diary room that people should just give him the money.  Did anyone else notice that someone (maybe Caleb?  I couldn't tell) asked Frankie if he was really gay.  Really?

Now, a POV challenge involving OTEV (aka Gilbert Gotfried as a Penguin OTEV).  Nothing too notable during this competition other than a faceplant by Nicole, and Caleb referring to himself as "Beat Mode Cowboy" multiple times.  *yawn*  In the end, the winner is...... Zach.  Christine worries about getting more blood on her hands.   Side note - how many times have we heard the term "blood on my hands" this season?  I've lost track.

Zach decides to work with Frankie again.... but adds that if he gets the chance he will get rid of him.  Then he goes to talk to Victoria, and points out that she's never been in an alliance.  Then he reveals every alliance he's been in.  Victoria says she feels betrayed by Derrick - who indicated earlier in the episode that he's had Victoria in his back pocket.  Now Victoria is devastated and she feels so stupid.  So, naturally, she goes to confide in Zach about her feelings..... wait... what?  Of all people ... ZACH is the one you go to?  Come on.  Zach is scrambling because he knows Victoria is pissed, so he really talks up Derrick and says that Derrick has been "protecting Victoria".  Then Zach runs to Derrick and says that NICOLE is the one that spilled the beans to Victoria about the alliance.  Derrick doesn't really buy it.  He goes and talks to Nicole and Victoria who tell Derrick that Zach was the one that told Victoria about the alliance.  Then he calls Zach in to confront him.    Zach is honest and says he is the one that told Victoria.  But then he tries to turn it around on Victoria.... then Victoria flips out.  Ultimately... Derrick is the "puppet master" in all of this.

The boys decide to convince Christine that Nicole is the enemy, so that Christine nominates Nicole.  The plan does put doubt in Christine's mind... and to top it off, Zach says that if Christine doesn't nominate Nicole, everyone will assume they're working together and come after them next week.

Oh... and another side note - Team America failed the challenge this week. *snooze*

Nomination ceremony - Zach removes himself and Christine makes a speech about removing a knife from her back and nominates Nicole.  Nicole doesn't understand.  Christine chose the detonators, and doesn't know if she chose the right side (newsflash - she didn't).  Nicole cries in the diary room.  Donny wonders who will go home because he's up against "sweet little Nicole" and he thinks he may be in trouble.

What did you guys think?  I think it is a tough week, I like both nominees.  It will be an interesting night tomorrow.


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