Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 19

Picking up where the the Battle of the Block left off.  Caleb and Victoria won, but they had to accept 3 punishments to win - 2 weeks of slop, Adam & Eve (dressing in leaves and being chained together for 48 hours), and Caleb has to shave his head.

Let me recap all of the punishments together... yes, slop sucks.  Chained together?  Probably the worst.  She is definitely high maintenance, I wouldn't want to deal with that.  Then... the hair shaving.  His reaction reminds me of the infamous reaction that Rachel had when confronted with the same challenge on Amazing Race.  Need a refresher?

He shaves his head, and personally, I think he looks better.

Christine decides to try to keep herself safe by suggesting to Nicole that Hayden has been making out with Victoria (not true), and that Hayden told Zach he was safe (not true).  Newsflash Christine, if you're going to lie about somebody doing something or saying something, it probably shouldn't be about Nicole's closest ally... not sure what you're thinking there.

Nicole is clear, her goal this week is to backdoor Frankie.  Derrick and Cody are on board.  Let's see if this can happen.

POV ceremony.  The houseguests had to pick the correct comic book cover and line them up in the correct order in the fastest time.  The winner?  Christine.  Am I the only one that "booed" when that happened?

POV ceremony - Zach tells a ridiculous joke to ask Christine to save him, and Jocasta basically "save me or not, it's ok".  So she doesn't use it.  She says her goal is to get Zach out.  Zach says if he sleeps all day, brush his teeth and eats some food, he'll be safe.  Yikes, you're a little too confident Zach.

Double eviction tomorrow folks!!


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