Big Brother 16 - Episode 21 - Mini Recap

Alright, I'm not a PGA golf fan, so the fact that Big Brother was delayed for that did not make me happy, but on top of it, they showed 60 minutes before Big Brother.  Boo.  As suggested by my blog title, I am consistently over tired.  So needless to say, I couldn't stay up for Big Brother (I live it the Atlantic Time Zone, so it was on at 11 PM our time, too late for me).

I will, however, do a "point form" recap:

- Remember that we're picking up where the the double eviction left off.
- Nicole is pretty ticked about Hayden's eviction and takes it out on Christine and Frankie.
- At the HOH competition, Christine and Nicole win HOH.
- Zach tries to get back in Nicole's good graces by revealing all about past and present alliances.
- Christine nominates Donny and Zach.
- Nicole nominates Caleb and Frankie.
- Frankie figures out that Caleb is going to throw the Battle of the Block, so Frankie asks him not to do it.
- Caleb decides to sit out of the competition.  Weird.  How is that better than throwing it?
- Surprisingly, Frankie wins Battle of the Block.  So Nicole is no longer HOH and Christine's nominations stand.
- We're left with a teaser showing us that Frankie will come clean about who his sister in.

Are you excited to see the reveal?


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