What's Your Motivation?

We've all been there ... struggling to stay motivated to stay active.  I can be really good for a while, working out most days of the week, doing activities I love (Zumba, running), but then I get hit with a cold (or one time... shin splints... ouch)... and when that happens, no matter how good I was feeling before, or how much I was enjoying those activities.  I struggle to get going again.

I'm also a huge junk eater.  I overeat when it comes to carbs - breads, pastas... I love it all.   And I love me some chocolate.... and caramel... and vanilla... and... well, you get the point.

I used to set "target weight" goals for myself... but in the end, what's in a number?  I'm not going to lie, I will probably always have some number in my head, but most of all, I want to get to a point with my health that I just feel good.

I'm currently sitting in a slump.  I have a gym membership, and haven't been there in over a month (eep!).  I went away on a work trip, and I rode a bike or ran every day.  When I got home, I slipped back in to old habits.

Why am I writing all this?  For a few reasons: 1 - I know I'm not the only one that struggles with this; 2 - I want to push myself to "get back in to it" and I'm hoping a public post will help me do that, and 3 - whenever I have finally gotten myself in to gear and gotten back in to my fitness routines, I've felt better - not so out of breath going up stairs, I feel rested and more alert, I sleep better.... it's such a win-win!

I decided to write down my biggest reasons for not being active, and my biggest reasons FOR being active.  When I looked over my list... some big themes popped out at me.  My biggest struggle is time.  I work full-time, my husband runs his own business and I work part-time as his book keeper, I'm a part time Zumba instructor, my daughter has a busy activity schedule and I go to school part-time.  My biggest reason for wanting to be healthy?  My family.  We have a long history of health problems in my immediate and extended family.  I want to be healthy to reduce my own risk, and be a healthier me for my physical and mental well being... and so I can be a better, more energetic me for my family.

I had a look at my list of commitments, and had to make some tough decisions about what was right for me.  Unfortunately, that meant giving up my part-time Zumba gig.  This may seem counter-intuitive (giving up physical activity for the sake of physical activity, however, it frees up some time in my schedule that allows me to be a little more flexible.

I'm joining a new gym this fall, and have identified a "workout buddy", to help keep me accountable.  This gym is not only closer to my house, but it's open early in the morning to late in the evening, which allows for some flexibility for workout times (so I can work around my job's unpredictable schedule".

I've also committed publicly to running a 5 km race this fall.

So this post is getting to be a little TMI right?  I share all of this, because I hope that the "method to my madness" that I have just shared, offers people some ideas/tips on taking first steps to "getting back in to it".  I highly recommend looking at what your own barriers are, and what your motivations are.

Want to share your own tips/challenges?  Be sure to comment below!


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